Writing with blood

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Writing with blood
Post # 1
In a spell that requires writing in blood I have had issues with legibility as the material being written on is small and absorbent. Do you feel legibility can negatively effect a spell? Also, I dipped a ball point pen in blood to write and the ink got on the material being written on do you feel that this negatively effects the spell?

Thank you,

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Re: Writing with blood
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Blood magic is something that you shouldn't mess around with. Your blood is your very life essence that is directly tied to you. I can't stress this enough. Always use sterilized equipment and NEVER cut deeply. A prick is sufficent enough, lest you end up with a nasty scar. Or worse, infection.

As for your question, I don't think legibility makes a difference as long as it's being written, regardless.

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Re: Writing with blood
Post # 3
Thank you, This was my first blood magic spell. I used a pin prick of blood and was sterile, however I have to agree that I have had negative side effects a sickness in the form of a headache that could crush a boulder. I will be not doing this often or maybe ever as it took a physical toll on me.I am hoping for a good outcome for all involved.

Thank you, GoldenOrb
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Re: Writing with blood
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
More often than not, blood coagulates too quickly to use as an ink, and ruins nibs. Traditionally, when someone wanted to write with blood, their pens were quills -- literally feathers -- and were frequently sharpened. Quill feathers, even properly heat treated (as pens not treated were far too flimsy for most applications), wear down rather quickly. With more durable writing implements, such as metal nibbed dip pens, blood was mixed into the writing ink to incorporate it.

This was not just for magic, but also since blood has a deep connection, and using it was more symbolic of sincerity, oath, and personal connection. That is one origin of having a blood bond: one's blood was used to sign a contractual bond.

So in the case of touching the nib of a ball point pen into one's blood is still, in my opinion, valid in the intent of the ritual.
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Re: Writing with blood
Post # 5
Sometimes, however, scars are good to have. It can be a sign of devotion if you're into that, however it is also a physical mark that of the work. Like a talisman, like a magical tattoo(actually magical tattoos are scars), or plenty of other things.

However I think that's more advanced and beyond just ''using'' blood for symbolism, like her.

IMO, intent, the ''words behind the words'', matter. Legibility won't affect the spell because the message isn't in the words or ''how'' they're written, just in the intent that was written, the will behind the words, the telepathic link, and such.
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Re: Writing with blood
Post # 6
thank you that helps alot
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