negative energy/person

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negative energy/person
Post # 1
So i have 2 people in my life right now that have probably the worst energy I've ever felt. One lives across the street from me and has been in a relationship with a close family member for a very long time.Ill give her the name Tara so its easy to follow along. At one point in my life i lived next door to her and it was one of the worst times in my life i felt like she was only there to cause trouble and feed off of my energy. I found myself feeling drained whenever i had an interaction with her. If i tried to ignore her she would make some kind of trouble to try and get a reaction out of me and other family members. I finally moved away but she lives across the street. So she doesn't effect me as much anymore, but now i live next to another person who's energy i don't like, ill give her the name Aria. Tara and Aria ironically both lived in the same house at one point, they were tenants of my family member who is in a relationship with Tara. Tara and Aria didn't get along so Aria moved across the street and now i live next to her. I tried to like Aria but the more she came around the less i liked her. She is always negative and never has anything good to say(just like Tara) and i'm starting to feel drained around her too. I just don't like the vibes she puts out. My mother even feels "off" around her but my dad doesn't see it that way. Aria has a daughter who i've become friends with but whenever we hang out Aria comes around and starts trouble with her daughter or says things to me that i just don't know how to take(i don't think she likes me either). I really cant escape either of them because one of them is dating a family member and the other is now my neighbor who comes around whenever she wants because she is friends with my father. I also feel like both of these women have negative effects on men, both of them i feel have a way to control them. I just don't know what to do. I find myself cleansing my house once a week and they stop coming around but soon after they come back and so does the negative energy. sorry for the long post but i felt i should give a background to the situation. Any advice?
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Re: negative energy/person
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Psychic Vampires! I have run into these type of negative people and they will suck the life right out of you. You will heve to learn how to shield yourself and have as little contact with them as possible.
Maybe you could make some friends with new people that would get you away from them. Hard to do when they invade your space all the time but you will just have to avoid them somehow.
If all else fails you may just have to be honest and tell them you dont like how they treat others, and you feel uncomfortable around them.
That is not being rude, it is self preservation.
Sending Hugs, you will be OK. That is one of the problems with being empathic. Tara and Aria probably dont give a second thought about anything else but themselves.
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Re: negative energy/person
Post # 3
Thank you for your advice. It helps to have an outside opinion sometimes. i just recently figured out that i may be an empath, about a month ago. I've always just sort of knew things and never had an explanation as to why i knew these things. Ive always just felt "different".My emotions change based on those im around at that moment too. Maybe this is why i feel so strongly about these people. Im struggling with managing it though at times i find myself just wanting to be in my room away from everything, its such an overwhelming feeling i cant even describe it. I haven't quite figured out how to shield myself though. i guess its a learning process though right?
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Re: negative energy/person
Post # 4
Yeah, sounds a lot like leeches/unconscious vampires.

My advice is always to vampirize them back, if you are up for it, which most people on the Right Hand Path are against.

As for shielding yourself, I would advise you read the contents on Omnimancy:

There's instructions for shields somewhere on there.
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Re: negative energy/person
Post # 5
It could Even be energy vampires too
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