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My Godpole
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Recently over the summer I had made a Godpole in honor of Odin, the Allfather. This is a brief story I have written to see this process through my eyes.

"Over the summer I was working as a camp councilor for the Boy Scouts of America, running the Archery range. I loved it there, being in nature and teaching young people skills I loved when i was growing up, it was almost perfect. I say almost because the Boy Scouts of America are heavily saturated with Christian influence, meaning that my practice of Heathenism, although wasn't against policy, was frowned upon. This made my rituals and offerings few and far between, which in turn dampened my spiritual life and i could feel my connection to the gods diminishing. After awhile I felt as if the gods could not hear me and did not feel welcome at the camp. I felt as if I had to do something, I had to make for myself and the gods a spiritual safe-haven. I decided to make a Godpole. I was looking everywhere for a stick or branch to carve the small altar but to no avail. I almost gave up, and then I saw it, a large cedar tent stake that was not being used. So I commandeered it, and began carving it. At first i tried taking out chunk after chunk trying to get this pole done as quickly as possible. I had a basic design for a face crudely carved in it and I thought i was nearly done... and it had only been an hour. I carved for about 20 minutes, at which point I decided to go take a nap. As I was asleep Odin came to me in a dream. He said no words, but help out his spear to me. As I gripped it in my hands, it rusted and withered away, turning from shiny steel to corroded and disgusting iron. I woke up immediately after this. It was a sign, that I must take my time creating this Godpole, to make it a monument the gods would be proud of. I spent two weeks carving the face, many people asking me what I was doing, and some even mocking me for believing in such old gods. But I had to stay strong, I had to finish the pole. Many tried taking the pole, eventually to the point I would not allow anyone to even touch it. As it was nearing completion , it became sacred to me, only I was to handle it. After I had finished sanding the face I was amazed at the craftsmanship I possessed. I had not realized it before, but the project had not only made me closer to the gods, but had taught me patience, self respect, protectiveness of property, and what it meant for something to truly be sacred. This process must have been a test from the gods, and I had passed and emerged a better craftsman, and a better man in general. In celebration I had carved the two well known names of Odin in each side of the stake in runes, as well as my inspiration, Odin's spear on its front. That was the time I made my first Godpole, and highly recommend all Heathens at least try it once in their religious path."
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Re: My Godpole
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

That's a really great story, Heiden. If you don't mind, what did you end up doing with your first Godpole? Have you made more since then?

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Re: My Godpole
Post # 3
Awesome Story man... I know the feeling of the frowns when people and colleagues to do not understand nor do they want to understand what other religions are and mean. That being said don't be afraid to practice just because people frown upon the unknown. Do what makes you happy and the rest will sort itself out
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Re: My Godpole
By: / Novice
Post # 4
To answer your question Personified, I still have it and will soon find a good place to put it into the ground, and I have not since then.
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