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Post # 1
Who are the people wanti g to be a neko a divine creature all u need to do is beleive in your self its good vibes all the way

Re: Nekos
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Genuine magick cannot change your dna or help you shape shift. A cat in another language is still a cat. You were born human and will die human, end of story.

Re: Nekos
Post # 3
To be honest with you. Spells can't help you shapeshift. It doesn't matter what animal or creature it is. We are not trying to be rude or anything. We are trying to be honest about what spells can and can't do.

Re: Nekos
Post # 4
i really think its stupid how all of you keep ranting on how spells cant do certain things and sometimes they are just asking for MAGIC and NO dont you dare try to say that magic cant do some things because i guarantee that NO ONE knows hardly anything about magic to be qualified to say anything to make anyone think they can or can not do something. ANYTHING is possible ESPECIALLY in magic, what you are trying to achieve just wont work because you dont know what you are doing. you are what you are through your eyes, you cant allow anyone to tell you what your reality is even what is and isnt physical. The things in this world that has happened is too much to think that anything isnt possible. we would know so much more on magic if people didnt destroy all of the traces of most of the legit stuff that used to exist. its still possible to discover those things.

Re: Nekos
Post # 5

You do have a point everything is possible and I understand that but no one has figure out a way to to shapeshift whatsoever.

Re: Nekos
Post # 6
Well...that was some blatant I'll sum this up with this...

Most of us here, know what we're talking about. However, what is limited in this realm of existence, doesn't apply to the other realms. Look into astral travel and dream manipulation. What you can't achieve here in the physical world, you may be able to elsewhere.

That being said, keep your head cool and remember to ground yourself. Otherwise, you'll only be fooling yourself and you'll look both uneducated and inexperienced in the eyes of others. At worst, insane.

Re: Nekos
By: / Novice
Post # 7
well for starters, neko is japanese for cat, they aren't anything special or magickal. [and 'catgirls' aren't the same as 'neko' either] but whats with all this hippi-dippi 'believe in yourself and good vibes' nonsense? yes, you should believe in yourself [confidence, self-love and self-esteem are important, not selfish] and yes, it is better to be nice to each other than negative for no reason, but good vibes and belief won't change facts. magick cannot alter your DNA for example, real magick is a neutral energy found in nature, it works to effect the natural energy around us in our daily lives be bring a desired change. this change could be removing negative energy, attracting a new love, removing obstacles, and so on. it cannot create physical changes like transformation because magick does not contradict nature.

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