Storm of the dog spell

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Storm of the dog spell
Post # 1
I saw a spell made by Skyeliah on transformation. I'm not sure whether that meant on the astral projection or physically, that wasn't specified. Just wanted to see if anyone knows about this or if there is another transformation spell that might work, specifically wolf transformation. I need answers only from those who believe in shape shifting, if you're not a believer then don't reply. Blessed be

Re: Storm of the dog spell
Post # 2
You cannot transform into a dog physically, ever, it's not possible no matter what spell you do. But in fact, you can do it through astral projection.

Re: Storm of the dog spell
Post # 3
Spiritual shape shifting can happen. You just have to be careful that you don't stay in the form for too long or it affects your physical life and not always in a positive way.

Physical shapeshifting can't happen, sadly, or I would have been a dinosaur years ago, LOL!

Re: Storm of the dog spell
Post # 4
Thanks! If you would like to share any tips on shifting in the astral projection, I am discussing transformation in a forum under astral.

Sorry if I seem kind of gullible to believe physical shape shifting is possible. I wish it worked with all my heart (since I always wanted to be a wolf even if I couldn't be human anymore). I guess anyone can put a spell on this site even if it's intentionally fake, right?

Re: Storm of the dog spell
Post # 5
Yes, physical shifting is possible. Sorry everyone else who posted on your topic does not believe in shifting:(! I sent you a pm, please reply asap, so we can talk in private, without non believers around. Also, I know some people may try to say I am a little kid believing in physical shifting, but I am actually 19, and going to college in a couple of days, actually(almost everyone on here thinks that people who believes in physical shifting is a little kid, and most people on here don't believe, probably because of science and thegovernment, lol:)! Well, I hope to hear from you soon:)!

Re: Storm of the dog spell
By: / Novice
Post # 6

As amazing as that would be, Alpha, it is not possible to physically shapeshift. If you believe it is, you will end up sorely disappointed.

Re: Storm of the dog spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Cabdace may believe that physically shape-shifting is possible, but that does not make it so. You could sit in the garage all night and believe you had shifted into an automobile; but that does not make you a Chevrolet.

Physical shape-shifting is not something possible with spells or magic.

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