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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Revenge

Post # 1
What is the best spell for hurting someone the way they hurt you without using anything classified as dark or black magic?
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Re: Revenge
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2
There is none.
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Re: Revenge
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Well, before you jump into revenge spells. You must be 100% sure you want to do it and if they really hurt you on purpose. There would be no way it was your fault that they hurt your feelings, although you must be sure they know what you are doing but no matter what there are no revenge spells that aren't considered black magick. And there is a good reason for that, it's hurting someone, even if they hurt you it still counts as hurting someone so it's not white magick for sure, it is black magick.

I hope this answered your question!

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Re: Revenge
Post # 4
I think people who do magick and say they would never do any dark or black magick, only good things and healing magick are fooling themselves. That's saying you can never imagine wanting to really hurt someone. Really. Let's say where you live you are fine with your neighbors which is great. People don't live forever in one place anyway. They get old and move to Fla. or they die. Say the new owner rents the place out to some druggies. After a few weeks your new lawnmower or new bicycle comes up missing. You find out later they took it and sold it for a few pills. They run over your cat just for meanness or they're drunk. The cops won't do anything because you can't prove these things. The neighbors tell you to piss off. Personally I'm gonna want to hurt them in a way they will never understand and cannot fight. I think that's the great thing about being a witch. All of a sudden bad things start to happen to them and I laugh at their misfortune. They get sick or wreck their car. They shouldn't have messed with me. I say if you want revenge, hurt them. Do your worst. It will make you feel better too. There are lots of good spells on here for that. People should fear getting on your bad side, like the girl who was losing her hair in the movie "The Craft". If not, what's the use of being a witch? Of course, you could always "turn the other cheek" like they say in church. I've never been any good at that.
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Re: Revenge
Post # 5
What the above said.

It's fairly hard to claim revenge with white magic. In fact, a friend of mine(who is a devout black magician that works closely with demons) got cursed once by her Wiccan ex-boyfriend simply because he thought the world would be better off without her dark magic and evil influence.

That, in my opinion, is a form of lying to yourself that transcends any deluions brainwashing can bring about.

Ethical cursing exists, but while conforming within an objective morality(which is essentially what the Right Hand Path is, afaik), there isn't really that much you can do.

That said, you can indeed use yang-based energy, light, and angels to curse.

If you can perform angelic evocation(read: Summon an angel and work out with him/her) then I would highly recommend Samael. Or Sandalphon.

And before anyone asks, angels do not object to helping with such matters, nor are they at war with demons, nor are all angels good, etc.
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Re: Revenge
Post # 6
I was in the same situation two months ago. I cast my circle and held an amethyst in my hand, filling it with painful memories about that person. All the rage and fear I felt was pouring out of me into the stone. I then placed it in a bowl of water for one hour. After that I add cayanne pepper, red pepper flakes, chili powder, lemon juice, and jalape?o seeds. I took the mixture and put it on something I knew they would touch within the hour. Me being me, I then cleansed my space and vacuumed all negative energy in my room into a vase. I then charged the vase with positive energy destroying all negativity within the vase.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Revenge
Post # 7
I also should mention my ritual was for emotional trauma. It could also be done with clear quartz but amethyst is best.
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Re: Revenge
By: / Novice
Post # 8
magick is intent, not colour, you intend to do harm, therefore it will be negative or 'black magick' but at the end of the day if you can live with your choices it's fine. [example, cursing your attacker because they harmed you, therefore you can harm them back. it's still a negative mindset, but if you feel justified, then do it] with any spell you should reflect and choose whats right for you. ask yourself if in a year will you still wish for vengeance? will you be able to live with yourself harming another, even if they harmed you first?

anyway, as for a suggestion, you might wish to write your own since you want them to hurt, but not badly. personally, i typically suggest the 'you messed with a witch' hex [you can find it in the spells section here, just type in the title, it's an old spell and it's quite successful] visualize the person and charge all your anger/negativity towards them, when you feel it's at it's peak, say the chant and visualize them receiving 'bad luck'.
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