Weird Bull-like creature?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Weird Bull-like creature?

Weird Bull-like creature?
Post # 1
Hey guys, so I was meditating the other day and I encountered something quite... unsettling. Basically, when I meditate, I go to my sacred garden. While I'm there, I tend to the flowers and talk with the bees and do all the things I normally do. This time, however, I felt like I wasn't alone. When I "looked around" I found this weird, hulking bull-like beast with red eyes glaring at me. Is there some sort of mythical creature like this? Am I under some sort of psyche attack? I need some help figuring this out! Please!
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Re: Weird Bull-like creature?
Post # 2
OK, the first thing, calm down.

The more you panic, the worse things will get. And if you aren't under any attack, then panicking about being under attack, is going to attract,some bad stuff.

That said, for spirits appearances can change, especially as they're filtered through the monkey mind. The bull-like appearance could tell us nothing, or everything about it.

That said, could you share any other details about your encounter?

Any impressions, emotions, thoughts, that you may have felt,heard or experienced while engaging with this beast?

Go back to your garden. Is it still there?

I can look into it later if you want. Last time I looked into something like this for a member here, I made a new spirit friend.
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Re: Weird Bull-like creature?
Post # 3
I agree with the above comment that panicking will not in any way help you.

Meditation in my personal opinion is the use of enabling oourselves full accus to our minds. So when meditating , we see tall corners of our minds and ourselves as humans.

^ That being said... Since you were in a normal place of meditation for you ( your garden ). It could be a number of things. And as far as mythology.. that's a very big areana, due to all the different cultures all over the world.. and more importantly those that we still don't know much of.

The bull in general, is a symbol of strength and arrogance. Being that I already expressed my opinions on meditation.. it could be more symbolic then threatening. Since my views are of the mind, and meditation is to unlock all those areas it could be tthe simple matter of symbolism..

Since everyone has there own different beleives and views of the world and their take on energy and magick. I strongly suggest trying to answer the following questions I am about to list. If you still don't feel okay after that. You can message me and I can do a reading and help you dive further as well as give you some helpful tips for a safer protective meditation....

- Since that meditation have you done other ?, If so did you see it again ? , What was the feeling you got when you say it ? What did it do ? Where the other things around you ( the bees and other creatures ) worried or scared?

^ If you can answer those to yourself, you may find the answer... Again, if you need further assistance, feel free to message me

-LegendElf ( Fra )
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Re: Weird Bull-like creature?
Post # 4
Okay, thank you for the insight...
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Re: Weird Bull-like creature?
Post # 5
No problem
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