love spells?

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love spells?
Post # 1

hi, i'm ashley and well.. lets just say i lost the love of my life.. me and him don't talk cause i broke up with him and well things ended badly between us and well, i realized that i want and need him in my life... but i don't know if these love spells work... i tried a dream of me spell just recently and all it did was make me have a dream about him... does that mean something happened? did he have the same dream ? i need help... i want my relationship back... i really do.

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Re: love spells?
Post # 2
A love spell isn't always the answer. Why not just ask the person if they want to get back together again?
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Re: love spells?
Post # 3

Oh trust me love spells work but they are counted as black magic because this is about taking someones free will and this will come back at you 3x harder in a bad way.

If you are taking spells from this site then so you know 80% are fake.

Your ex isn't the right one for you so move on there are like sooo many other boys he isn't the only one.

If you cast a spell on him the love between you will be fake, empty and meaningless because he wont love you for you you are basically forcing him.

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Re: love spells?
Post # 4
Hey there Ashley,

There are several ways to do love spells, ranging from relatively benign to coercive.

If you've already been together and things have just faltered for a bit, I'd recommend something like a honey jar to improve his disposition towards you. You'll likely have enough personal effects to make this pretty potent. There are special reconciliation powders and oils you can get to spice this up further. If you can't get a hold of those, some other things you might consider are lodestones, magnetic sand and balm of gilead buds.

If all contact has ceased, you'd need to start on work to bring him back into your life before you even start work on a love spell or something similar. Love cannot blossom again if you have absolutely no contact with him.
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