Familiars? What are They?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Familiars? What are They?

Familiars? What are They?
Post # 1
What Are Familiars?

What Do They Do?

How To You Get One?

Any Experiences With Them?
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Re: Familiars? What are They?
Post # 2
The familiar is the companion of a witch, oftentimes represented by an animal, but it is not always the case. The familiar wasn't really a physical being in essence. I mean now it's seen as such, but a familiar could be a spirit or thoughtform as well. They're meant to help one in their magic, in retrieving information, protecting the witch, and similar stuff. One could get a familiar through many ways, even by making one. Another way of getting a familiar is by calling out to one, more specifically your Familiar Spirit, or Other Half.
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Re: Familiars? What are They?
Post # 3

Google defines familiar as:

1. Well known from long or close association

2. In close friendship; intimate

Commonly familiars are animals, though I have heard of instances where friends who are close on more than one level becoming familiars. An instance of a familiar is having a cat from the time you were born, but you are older than the cat. That cat has watched you grow and that cat has been a part of your whole life. That cat is your familiar. He is your friend. If you were to pick up magic, you would call your cat your familiar but otherwise he'd be a cat that you love dearly and are close to.

Familiars are good for protection (not just physically), directing will, and even storing energy if you were to put a collar with an amulet of your making. Animals are able to see through the veil with much greater ease than us, so they are also handy for picking up on things we can't.

Usually the animal picks you. You can't make them love you and respect you. But if you love them very much and if they love you very much as well, then it may be easier than you think for them to become your familiar.

I've got some experiences , but I don't think I'm prepared to share these ones publically, however if you wish to message me to further this discussion, I welcome you to.

God bless,

Spiritus Servum

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Re: Familiars? What are They?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
SpiritServum, you are mistaken. The word 'familiar' in this case is short for 'familiar spirit.' It is not a physical entity and cannot physically protect. It is not physical.

Whether a person chooses to work with one is a matter firstly of belief and secondly of choice. Whether a familiar spirit is called or created is a matter of belief.

But they are not physical.
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Re: Familiars? What are They?
Post # 5

No they are not able to physically protect you, but yes they are able to be both spiritual and physical in appearance.

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Re: Familiars? What are They?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Oh boy, let's say this again.

Familiars are not physical creatures, they are spirits that Aid a Witch in their practice, generally they appear in animal 'form' which is part of what lead to the legends of Witches having a pet that would fly around the town at night, harming innocent villagers and drinking blood to feed a Witch and all kinds of fun things.

Familiars can be 'obtained' in a variety of ways - I may make a post on this in the future.

Coven Given - as in your Coven or Gathering would give you access too a group familiar or would help you obtain one when you're ready.

Born With - This more falls under Fetches, which is another kind of personal spirit of a Witch, essentially the same thing with a few distinct differences. Essentially when you're born, the Familiar is born with you.

'Summoned' - you can reach out to the Otherside for a spirit to form a working relationship with.

They find you - They will turn up, almost out of the blue and pretty much go 'I want to work with you'.

Just because you want a Familiar doesn't mean you'll ever get one, some Witches never have a familiar in their life, some have more than one, it's just how it is.

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