Ancestors Question

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Ancestors Question
Post # 1

I have a question regarding the about the ancestors. Is it wrong to practice your religion with dead familty members.

(What Im about too say is just a made up story to make a point)

Lets say a gril was born into a protestant christian family and decided to become a pagan. She wants to make an ancestral altar, but she dosnt want the altar to be dedicated to a god she does not worship. Can she say prayers and conduct rituals with her ancestors with a pagan background?

I know this may seem like a weird question, but no one really knows where they are gonna go when they die because so many religions have different opinions.

I believe that we all go to the same place when we die and dosnt matter which religion we believed in. So is it okay if I involve my own magical and spiritual beliefs in my ancestor veneration or no?

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Re: Ancestors Question
By: / Novice
Post # 2
yea that's fine, many people have an altar to their ancestors. some might pray to them for guidance, others just have it for their memory and leave offerings for the spirits. nothing wrong with that if you wish to commune with past relatives. some cultures actually have an altar for a departed loved one in their house where they leave food, drink and incense for them.
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Re: Ancestors Question
Post # 3

But is it okay if I use my own spiritual and magical beliefs with the altar

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Re: Ancestors Question
Post # 4
Think of magic as being a bit like cooking. Each person has their own recipes and there are often differences based on where they are from and what kind of cooking their family does most. Your magic is going to be kind of like that. You have your spells, they'll be a little different from other people's based on your experiences, how or if you use certain tools, and what if any religion you follow.

So yeah, there's no reason you couldn't, it's your altar. That makes it your work space for your magic.
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