Weird dream

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Weird dream
Post # 1
So, I just saw the strangest dream I have ever seen. It both starts and ends strangely. Here goes:
Yesterday, as I was laying in my bed to sleep(duh) I feel asleep very suddenly, and then I saw this weird dream(again, duh). I was staring at the top of my closet, on which a strange indigo beetlelike bug was sitting. Instead of a horn, it had a proboscis which lead to a mouth. This mouth was whispering something unfathomable in a very silent voice. At my window, there was a bug-like...thing, which had a skull for a head and bloody rib bones for wings(it was inside the room by the way). At the center of my room and between these two was another monster that I can't recall right now. I wasn't scared, not because I was feeling courageous or something but you know, because my mind didn't register these forms as scary. Just then, I did a reality check. But instead of asking the usual "am I dreaming", I asked myself "why do I play this game?" To which I replied "I am not". Then I was forcefully woken up and felt like my body fell from the ceiling, and felt a little scared. And then, about two seconds later, my mom called me on the phone.
What the heck? Can someone find a meaning this dream could have?
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Re: Weird dream
Post # 2
Please help?
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Re: Weird dream
By: / Novice
Post # 3
The thing with dreams is that more often than not, though sometimes others may be able to give insight, the answer is ultimately within.

This is partly why, if you want to study your dreams, and learn to interpret them, it is important to keep a dream journal.

Contemplation on what stood out as well as possibly divination can help reveal answers from your subconscious, where the dream made sense to you.
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