Seeds Mushrooms Headaches

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Seeds Mushrooms Headaches
Post # 1
Okay. My research, for the most part, has been theoretical in nature and perhaps its proven... way, way out of my league. My long term goal is ambitious, I want to catalog dying recipes of tonics, decoctions, oils, etc. To enhance and possibly improve on them. Problem is im finding it has become more multi threaded as I go on.
My initial thought was that id explore the affects of certain herbs and see what coincided with the effects. For example, I thought in order to find out why chia was such an effective stamina raising seed In the Aztecs culture id tested it out... only mid way through did I realize, "maybe stuffing myself full of seeds is pointless since I dont understand what caused it to be so effective... and also an overweight guy with a sedintary lifestyle isn't really the best suited for the task of finding the secret to Aztec warrior's stamina, so I had a friend help me. A mixture of impatience and annoyance with the "subject`s" unwillingness to take the work seriously I wondered if something in the aztec culture and mentality was what delivered these practically inhuman results... so I end up reading up in aztec culture and gods and shammanism for a few weeks and end up with more questions than answers. So I came here to read up on bloodletting convinced that there was some correlation between their dieties and the diet of chia seeds... I ended up here. Im reluctant to ask myself if maybe it was exaggeration of their strength. Hoping thats just a part of me trying to give up. Currently im trying to find some correlation between blind rage experienced by Scandinavian cultures. See if there is t something im missing... also hoping to catalog that if I can. But im not sure if I want to expirement with fly agaric, fasting and alcohol just yet (hope that comes off as me re Ignorant than offensive)
any and all resources, information, experiences, pushes in the right direction will help, thank you.

Too long; read
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Re: Seeds Mushrooms Headaches
Post # 2
The add comment butto. Is too close on mobile... also im somewhat dense...
Too Long; Didn't Read:
I was way over my head when I decided to do a project, and I need any help you can offer relating to experience with fly agaric, chia seeds, Scandinavian culture, aztec culture, and if you've got some criticisms to share I'll take those too.

P.s. I apologize for the lack of proofreading, abundance of syntax errors and overall unintelligible rambling. I have many faults... im blaming them a on my phone. Sorry phone, I should share som of the blame.
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