Candle burning question

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Candle burning question
Post # 1
So I'm not really sure what just happened during my candle burning session on my honey jar and seek any advice that I can get. I started a honey jar spell about 2 months ago, each time burning the new candle on top of the lid and leftover wax. I have had wax melt and drip slightly off the jar before, but todays session was way different.

Here's what happened: I lit the candle as I normally do on top of left over wax on top of lid. Once the wick got down to the bottom it lit another wick, then another, and so on. It burnt all the wax off the jar and lit every wick that was on the jar. Now I have little to no wax on my jar and the only thing left is burnt residues and wicks. It went up in a blaze in minutes.

Any thoughts?

What do I do with all the wax?
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Re: Candle burning question
Post # 2
I like to remove the wax from the candles after they've finished. I bury mine on my property or sometimes I release it into a stream. The multiple wicks catching aflame has happened to me three times. Nothing really manifested after that so I took it for what it was... too many wicks on the lid. You don't have to have a build up of wax on the lid in order for it to 'be worked' , although it looks pretty and magical in a sense. I like to interpret the wax once it's done - if there is any. A cascading formation of wax drippings usually means someone's tears for me. I've always found a clean burn is confirmation of positive movement. What kind of candles are you using? The intent, the contents and the days (correspondents) are usually the key factors for a successful honey jar - in my experience that is. Out of six I had previously done, the most recent two were a success. It took some practice.
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Re: Candle burning question
Post # 3
Hi Mavic, Thank you for responding to my post. You mentioned being able to remove the wax and bury it in my yard. Does it matter how deep the hole needs to be? Did you still find success even though you removed the wax and buried it? I will give a little detail into my honey jar and maybe you can give me some feedback.
I started my honey jar in May using a spell that I found on this website. My honey jar is untraditional, I asked for advice on how to alter it from users on the forums here. My honey jar was for a two women that I love to Love each other and love me too. It was a spell to have the three of us be together. I started my honey jar out with three petitions, photos, handwrittings, hair, roses, lavender, ginger, basil, cinnamon. I have been faithful burning my candles with the intentions of the spell coming true and us three being together. I visualize us all three being together in the future and visualize how it would feel to have this start happening. I burn my candles three times a week, faithfully. I may not always be able to burn on Mon., Wed., and Friday, but I find time every week to burn them three days such as Mon., Wed. and Thursday. Yesterday everything I burned on the top melted away after all the wicks caught fire.

Any comments would be helpful.
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Re: Candle burning question
Post # 4
It sounds like your doing everything right. Candle jars can take time. Keep at it. Have you noticed any signs? The wax can be removed or you could leave it. Honestly, I don't bury mine too deep. If you have access to flowing water that would work to. I think the most important is the petition, intent and personal concerns, and you seem to have all that pinned. Have a tarot reading done for you if you can, a little divination can shed some light on the progress. Check out the fortune telling thread and see if a member can do a reading for you. Other than that pay attention to signs and keep going.
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Re: Candle burning question
Post # 5
I feel like I have seen some signs. I have seen a few of them. If you would mind I could try to go in greater detail in a direct message. One of my more important signs happened two day before my candle had a melt down. That sign was three dark wicks, very distinct in nature, were laying towards each other almost touching. It looked like this /| . I took this as a sign that the three of us were coming together but not touching yet.

I havent seen any sort of change in the behaviors to accept polygamy or want to be with the other woman. How should I start seeing signs that this spell is working?
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