summoning demons

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summoning demons
Post # 1
Hey guys!

Lately I've been doing some research about demons specifically salomon's demons.

It says you can summon them so they will bring luck, wealth and other things that matter in live.

What I'm asking here is, if it's just one of Satan's cover. If not, what type of demons do you recommend me to summon?

Re: summoning demons
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Considering that this morning you were asking about spells that freeze time, I would recommend learning a lot more before you attempt to summon anything, let alone a demon.

Also, Solomon, his seals, and magickal teachings are considered works of fiction, no one truly knows whether Solomon even existed let alone whether any of the demons he spoke about were true.

At the moment, it is probably best that you don't attempt to summon anything till you can fully understand the practice of summoning along with the basic techniques, just like in mundane life it is better to learn more than necessary before you attempt to practice, measure twice, cut once and all.

Re: summoning demons
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well that's a loaded question really, because not everyone believes in Satan. i don't, so from my perspective this is not a cover. other people believe any path that isn't Christianity is a ploy by the devil to deceive us, so really what does your belief say.

demons are seen by many as not evil but manipulative, and unless you know what you're doing, you can be in serious trouble. others believe they are pure evil and you shouldn't mess with them because they'll end badly [if you believe in Satan perhaps you've heard the belief demons work for Satan, so why would working with an employee be any better than working with the boss?]

thirdly, there are many other options that do not involve summoning a demon you could choose if you want luck, wealth and 'other things that matter in life' [by which i assume these are materials] if you do choose to work with a demon i suggest a lot more research, understand everything you can about the demon including how to summon and banish it. don't just read one article and call forth a demon, it won't end well. as i mentioned, they are craft, you will get burned if you don't know what you're doing.

Re: summoning demons
Post # 4

There are spells for luck, as well as money drawing spells, that you could preform instead of summoning a demon.

Re: summoning demons
Post # 5
I was just asking if they work, that's what forums are for aren't they ?!

Re: summoning demons
By: / Novice
Post # 6
zstuc, whom are you yelling at exactly? you asked about demons to bring luck, everyone answered you 'do more research before summoning, maybe consider a luck spell' if you want a yes or no answer 'yes, a demon could promise you wealth and luck but at a price. said price depends on what demon you are dealing with'

Re: summoning demons
Post # 7
Solomon's book isn't very accurate. It has truly A Lot, a Huge amount of lies in it. I do not recommend it in no case. I know a specific Demon that all the info that are written there about her, are All wrong..Everything. It is said his methods of summoning aren't seen with good eye by Demons... Circles and such are disperectful for many Demons... And I don't actually understand why they can't harm the person, Demons are always free and they can surely harm them after they disolve the cirlce.

They can do that, but there's always a price...

This doesn't have to do with Satan, but Solomon and the Demons he bound... I suggest looking up Paimon, Valefor and Vassago. Not, from that book. Mail me for more information.

Re: summoning demons
Post # 8
The existence of solomon is up for debate, many question the spells and rituals that he performed. The word demon can mean many things depending on personal belief so they can be good or bad.

You can summon what you like as long as you follow the No 1 rule with summoning, Don't summon what you can't take down. If you aren't strong enough to control or remove what you summoned then don't summon it.

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