Is this a way of med?

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Is this a way of med?
Post # 1
Meditation helps us dissolve some of our questions and aspects... It also makes us a feeling of relaxation. I rarely meditate and even if I do I'll try the simple breathing one...I saw actually it was used for Void meditation..

Anyways, a lot of times I talk out-loud to my self, it makes me think better and solve some of my problems-mostly confusions or attachments with what I already know about me. For instance if I got jealous for a reason I'd talk to myself out loud, I would say the truth if I am "better" than that person and that there's no reason to be jealous. I'd say is they were netter than me as well. I don't try to say sweetwords to myself but judge correctly. Or this could be helped in a degree the days I have lack of self-confidence.

This doesn't make me relaxed as meditation does, but could it be considered a kind of meditation? Sometimes I do this proccess with staying still and thinking as well.
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Re: Is this a way of med?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Could be since you are contemplating on a subject, but you would have to focus solely on that subject.

However, when talking out loud to yourself or internally, most would say you need to be constructive and more positive.

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Re: Is this a way of med?
Post # 3
I'm like you. Talking out loud to myself helps me put everything in perspective. Sometimes when a lot of new things are happening and I need to enter another era of my life, I'll do that. It's as if the spirits around and within me are being called together into conference. I often address them, like, "Does that sound good?" or "Okay that's excellent, let's do that from now on."
So my tip to you would be to consider extending your conversation into the family of spirit in your midst. You may find that there is a flow of intelligence enlivened in you.
Yet I would also say that your meditation is your first priority over the above ? if it deal with enlightenment.
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