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Post # 1
What is voodoo?
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Re: Hi
Post # 2

Voodoo or Voodou is an ancient West African religion. The religion involves rites, chants, and the use of a variety of voodoo supplies including dolls, candles, and other paraphernalia.

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Re: Hi
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Vodou is a relgion,tradition and lifestyle. Vodou comes from many places in africa Yoruba,Congo but mainly Dahomey. Vodou is monotheistic as we believe in one God most vodouwizans are catholics as Vodou is mixed with catholicism. In Vodou we serve spirits (Lwa) they are put in 4 major families and sub families like (Igbo,Djoumba ect.) the 4 major families are:

  • Rada which consists of cooler older spirits most originate from africa some come from other places like Charlotte,Dinclissin,Filomez,Klemezin and many many more. Rada are served in white and other colors like yellow,green,blue and the many shades of these colors.

  • Nago are a family of warrior spirits some come from Yoruba other from other parts of africa and some in Haiti. These spirits are warriors and are served with red. and are often given swords,machete and only drink Barbancourt rum.

  • Petwo spirits are hot,short tempered and some are agressive. these are very powerful spirits some petwo do come in Rada like Attibon Legba who is Legba-nan-Petwo in the petwo rites. these spirits are served with red allong other colors.

  • Guede these are the raunchy,fun,sexual spirits of the dead they are powerful mainly served with white,purple and black.

Vodou being monotheistic believes in one God and God is very important in Vodou as all ceremonies begin with prayers to God and all spirits are called in order of the Regleman.

Vodou is beautiful,powerful and very strong like the spirits that substain it and the people who helped form and build it.

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Re: Hi
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Lil Vampy magic is a very small part in Vodou.

Dolls are not often used unless a certain tarvay is needed for a client who needs help.

Vodou is not African but its Haitian.

The roots of Vodou are from Africa but its Haitian as it was in Haiti where is tradition was formed by slaves and its was in Haiti of which many things were also formed due to circumstances.

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Re: Hi
Post # 5
Thank you for the input. It is just something I read along back. Figured they had a connection.
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