Clairaudience Developed

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Clairaudience Developed
Post # 1

As most of you are familiar with the ability of clairvoyance, it is just one of the "clairs" (French for clear) that person may possess and/or develop. For the sake of this post, I will not discuss so much the logistics of clairaudience itself, but rather some key tips and excercies for developing this ability.

1. Listen! One ofeasiest ways to develop your clairaudience is to simply listen to the world around you. For the majority of us, we have trained and taught our bodies to ignore the quiet, petty noises of everyday life. One of your first and most important steps to devloping your ability is to just do that, listen to the world around you! Try to make it a point to not ignore any sounds you hear, but to absorb everything you can detect: the sounds of birds, footsteps, your own breath. This can help develop your ability to hear the whisperings our psychic 'antennae' may pick up.

2. Imagining Music This is my personal favourite exercise. The task is simple, all you have to do is, when in a quiet enviroment, imagine hearing music in your head. It can be one of your favourite songs, or perhaps one you make up. The point is to make yourself hear the music, as realisticly and clearly as possible. It can also be helpful for those times when actually listening to music is impossible, you can now listen to it in your head.

3. Listening to Music Another easy, everyday thing, all you truly need to do to help turn this into an opportunity to improve your ability is to switch from passive listening to active listening. Here different sections in the music, different instruments and different voices in it. Classical music often works best.

4. Meditation This one is kind of a give-in, as it will assit you in developing not only clairaudience, but any of your other psychic senses too. Plus its jsut overall good for you. There are plenty of exceptional posts on here about different types of meditation and how to do it.

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Re: Clairaudience Developed
Post # 2

This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing (:

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Re: Clairaudience Developed
Post # 3
Can hypnosis help? A lady said she could do this for me thru hypnosis
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