What next? AP

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> What next? AP

What next? AP
Post # 1

I feel as if I am super close to AP. I can relax my body to the point that I can bearly feel it and get small tingles in my hands and feet.

What do I do next to AP?

2 nights ago when I felt close I heard this super loud and fast buzzing noise which jolted me out of mytrance. I can also send tingles or low-level vibrations throughout my body but can only hold it for a few seconds.

Also what do you think is the best exit technique which has worked for you?


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Re: What next? AP
Post # 2
Then, you try seperation. Many say you should do it after the vibrations, others when it's happening. I guess you have to try both to see what fits you best.

That noise means you were ready to seperate, it's a noise your mind creates. You could also try to imagine ghe vibrations raising and moving, this will make seperation easier. Just not try too hard, or try to visualize because it won't work...

I haven't fully AP but the best technique that works for me is consiously getting my astral body up, like when you wake up from sleep and get up. The reason I didn't seperate fully is due to chakra problems, so if your chakras are closed this may not work for you. Many people say this is one of the most difficult technies but as much as I achoeved it seemed to me the easiest. Also, many people say rope is one of the easiest, but rope doesn't work for me, At All.

It's just what technique fits you the best. Good luck!
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Re: What next? AP
Post # 3

Thanks for the help mate!

I will definately apply what you said.

Few quick questions:

1) how quickly do you 'wake up' your astral body?

2) When do you think it would be the perfect time to try to get out of body?

3) If those methods dont work can you suggest any extra ones? I feel as if some of the ones posted work and the others are just nonsense.

I wish you the best in clearing your chakras :)

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Re: What next? AP
Post # 4
Anytime dude, no worries.

1) Here, I didn't say I "wake it" up. I said I try to seperate like when you wake up from your bed every morning. Well when I'm in vibration, either I'll try to float or just "stand up" with my astral body. These too start with focus and intent. It's just until you find the key to it, then it'll be easy to understand how it works.

2) When you are deep relaxed and you're feeling strong vibrations. As I've said before maybe the time for you is when they stop, it depends, although with me when they stop I get out of trance.

3) I can help you but the best help is experimentation by yourself.
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Re: What next? AP
Post # 5
Hey dude. I feel like I have made lots of progress but I have a question. Do I need to hear this separation noise? I haven't for a long time.
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