Christian Wiccans

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Christian Wiccans
Post # 1
Why can't I join this coven? I send an email, I got bio on my profile, I send a request and nothing....
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Re: Christian Wiccans
By: / Novice
Post # 2

The High Priestess of that coven seems to be away for a very long time.

I see one of therequirements to join that coven is to send a mail to both the high priestess and priest.

"Also, you MUST send the Priest, or Priestess a personal message with your experiences of Christian Wicca, your age, how long you have been practicing the craft, your up-bringing, and be sure to let them know of any powers you possess. " - Christian Wiccans Coven Riquierements.

Have you followed the steps the coven tells you to ?

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Re: Christian Wiccans
By: / Novice
Post # 3

"Please be aware that the number one reason why we reject members is that they do not message the Priest or Priestess with a description of themselves, their abilities, and their reason for joining. The second reason is an incomplete Bio. " - Cristian Wiccans Coven.

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Re: Christian Wiccans
By: / Novice
Post # 4
only the priest of the coven can answer that, though as someone who has run a coven, i could guess from their description you did not meet the requirements. they asked for age, hoe long you've practice, your upbringing, any abilities, and some personal experience with the path. they say the want an active forums and a close family, so if you just sent point form [15, 2 years, good, no, stuff] they probably rejected you. another thing they request is for you to be active, so they could be observing you for a week to see how often you log on, and what type of forum posts you make [some covens even put new applications to a vote either in the forums or through the council] if it's been a week with no response and you see the priest has been online all week, send him a nice email, kindly asking how the application process is going. [hello, it's been a week and i haven't received a response, i was just wondering if you needed further information from me. i hope all is well, take care]

from personal experience and what i read on their bio, it's either a vote [if it's only been a day or two since you messaged him] or you didn't send a detailed application and they didn't feel you met the requirements. it does say to apply again, so if it's been a week, ask what's going on [nicely. can't stress that enough] and if they rejected you, just try posting more on the main forums, practice your craft more, and apply again.
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Re: Christian Wiccans
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Covens from General Info.
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Re: Christian Wiccans
Post # 6

I had applied to Christian Wiccans myself some months ago. I had read SevenLight's profile biography and near the end it says this:

"If you have any questions on joining the Coven please send me a message on here or my facebook above.

We are currently going through changes i will not be accepting applications until we are finished please wait tell then you are free to join us on facebook and talk there"

I had messaged him some months ago concerning when the coven may be done going through changes and I never received a response. I wish you luck with your journey.

God bless.

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