I wanna learn about this

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Forums -> Vodou -> I wanna learn about this

I wanna learn about this
Post # 1
hi i'm new to this and vodou/voodoo/hoodoo has gripped my attention. can anyone lead me on the right path and perhaps explain it to me?
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Re: I wanna learn about this
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I recommend going to the Articles section of the site and search for these topics. :)
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Re: I wanna learn about this
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I always recomend first reesearch about this religion a book I always recomend is:

  • Moma Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn.

  • Maya Darrens, Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti ( I had other Vodouwizans reffer this to me)

I highly do not recomend anyone that doesnt know about Vodou to build any altars of any kind until they have found a house or have gotten a reading and know how to acutally build an altar (Very different than other traditions or practices like witchcraft and so on.).

What I will always say to anyone who comes to Vodou is do not serve any other spirits that is not Legba (not to be confused with Legba-nan-petwo or Met Kalfou) or your ancestors which are important after all the ancestors come after God if you have not gotten a leyson even if you feel like a spirit is "calling" most of your spirits will be revealed in your leyson with whatever priest you will get it from its also important to ask question durring your reading like

  • which spirits walk with you (if its not mentioned)
  • Which spirit should you start connecting with and so on.

After doing research of Vodou I can put some sites in which you can read about Vodou and get to know about this beautiful tradition it is very important that you get a Leyson (reading).

A leyson will reveal which spirits walk with you and if you are called to serve some also reveal if you are meant to be a Priest or if you are to stay Hounsi. You can aways mail me or anyone if they want me to recomend them to a Priest for readings. (I do say this again I am not a Priest nor am I initiated yet but I am happy to lead you to a house).

Tips are to never rush when it comes to Vodou we all grow and learn always listen to the Priests (Houngans and Mambos).

Vodou and Hoodoo are completely diffrent traditions one is a religion (Vodou) another a practice (Hoodoo,Conjure rootwork).

Hoodoo there are many articles online just look on google.

I know I made a long post but I wish you all the luck on your journey with many blessings !

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