Question about a spell.

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Question about a spell.
Post # 1
My mother tells a story about her great aunt.She says that she was a very serious women and some people where even afraid of her . The very specific incident my mother recalls is that this woman would walk out side, look into the sky and would call/yell the words "omar come blow" and right on call the wind would blow and scare the kids. they say she was kinda odd. I was wondering about all this. Could she really call the wind by invoking the name Omar? My search for Omar as resulted in no answers . I was wondering if anyone had an answer or an opinion on the matter. (As far as I know I'm not magical or anything so explain things so that I can understand) Thanks !
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Re: Question about a spell.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Wind will blow inevitably. I have as of yet to see a claim with any legitimacy attempting to demonstrate calling up a breeze. It is all confirmation bias.

During the day, some materials, be they natural or man-made structures, will heat at different rates. This will affect the air around those surfaces differently, with natural convection of the air. As one column or body of air rises thanks to heat, cooler surrounding air will rush in to fill the lower pressure caused by the vacating column of warmer air. This happens on larger and smaller scales. It is why areas immediately adjacent to bodies of water have such strong winds: The water and air heat and cool at different rates.

Omar may be a name she learned at some younger age, through her own practice, or who knows. Omar is a real name in many cultures, typically a male name. There really is no telling.

There is some small chance that maybe she had a connection with an elemental spirit, but I honestly doubt it.

It is much more likely that she did the same thing on many occasions with no results, and only those when the wind blew were taken into account. People -- especially when in a heightened emotional state -- are highly suggestible. False and selective memories are well-proven phenomena.

I would completely believe that she stepped outside, shouted, "Omar, come blow," and children scattered, and adults were nervous, while absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened. Or perhaps the wind gusted immediately, or gusted a few moments later.
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Re: Question about a spell.
Post # 3
cool thanks :)
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