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New Wicca
Post # 1
Being new here..I was member on an online non-English language forum. They see Wicca=Satanism...among reasons I m here to know how far this is true. I have seen a man mixing the properties of animal parts (like a wolf eye/tooth/gullbaldder) with certain timings of moonphases, and having them cause love/hatred/desease/revenge...etc...He calls it (Siemiya) not sure how far this interfaces with Wicca.
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Re: New Wicca
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Merry Meet.

The short answer is animal parts used in spell craft, and Satanism are not in any way, shape or form, Wicca. Many choose to associate any part of The Craft as Satanic. There is no devil in The Craft, it's merely an old held belief by those who fear this path.

Wicca is a fertility religion founded by Gerald Gardner. It focuses on a God and Goddess. Wiccans observe the seasons and try to live in balance with the Earth. Many choose to be vegetarian or vegan to further live in alignment with The Wiccan Rede; As in Harm None, Do as Ye Wilt. In other words, do whatever you wish so long as it does not bring harm. For this reason, the idea of sacrificing living creatures, or using their body parts in a spell would be frowned upon by Wiccans.

Wiccans also do not believe in a Devil, or even a heaven/hell where you spend eternity being rewarded/punished as a result of one lifetime on Earth. Some Wiccans believe in a place called Summerland where your soul will rest for a while, but most believe our spirit is reincarnated over multiple lifetimes. The choices we make in our current life, will effect our current life, hence the second Wiccan belief The Threefold Law, where anything you do, good or bad, will return to you three times. Some see it as karma, others as effecting your mind, body and spirit. Much of Wicca is up for personal interpretation which explains all the many branches. At the chore of all of them however is the belief to live in balance and to be the best you can be.

Blessed Be.
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Re: New Wicca
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

As Tadashi said, neither Satanism nor Siemiya have anything at all to do with Wicca.

You might find the article in this Forum on 'What Wicca Is and Isn't" to be helpful in getting a better understanding of Wicca. You can find the article at

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