Weird dreams

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Weird dreams
Post # 1
So recently I started having these weird dreams every night around the same time . I always go to bed around 11 and I wake up around 3 and can't fall back asleep but when I do I have vivid dreams about my room. One of them was me and my sister in my room we heard screaming and the sky started to o red and purple so my sister went to get her camera then I was looking out my window and 3 rings of light flew across the sky to form a crescent moon . I went out on my roof and it felt like I was being pulled off so I went back inside and my sister was there and I told her not to go on the roof but she did and a girl in a white ball gown linked arms with her and walked away and I look ahead an I see a girl who for some reason I thought was me wearing a blue ball gown coming for me so I ran downstairs and no one was home . I then woke up
Another dream I was going out my window but I saw a woman's face in it. She felt very familiar . I then said "woah. I'm dreaming " and I woke up
One more dream was that I was in my room with my sister and I look outside to see my brother in his boxers sleep walking. I then go after him . He jumps off the roof and so do I . For some reason there's about 10 other people sleeping on towels but there's one girl awake and sitting up . And she just stares at me an then I wake up
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Re: Weird dreams
Post # 2
Also all of these dreams felt more clear than real life if that makes sense . Do you think these dreams mean something?
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Re: Weird dreams
Post # 3
Hi, i've had an extremely similar dream to you before!
I remember i was in my room, i ran outside and the sky was a red and purple colour. Beams of light shot across the sky too, but instead of a moon, a hole appeared in the sky. But then, a huge brown serpent began to come out of it, and it looked evil as all hell.
Just like in yours, a lady came down wearing a white gown looking dress. She had brown hair and she whispered "the rapture".
But she was not friendly like in your dream. She chased me inside the house, and i hid in the bathroom. I remember her eyes looking like those of a snake or cat.
She found me, she was trying to shove a small snake down my throat. I managed to poke her eyes and run, hiding in my closet. I opened to closet door just a crack, and the head of the huge serpent was outside my window, staring at me.

It was scary, thats all i remember. Your dream seems alot more friendly to me, still similar.
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Re: Weird dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 4
keep in minds dreams are personal so you might interpret it differently [example you might find snakes cute while common interpretation might see them as dangerous] also the more detail the better. and of course don't rely too heavily on a dream, most of the time your mind is imagining things and not sending warnings in symbolic messages [but it's still fun to interpret them] a house is usually represents yourself, and the various rooms are different aspects [like the attic is old memories, the basement suppressed memories] bedrooms can be hidden aspects of yourself, or sexuality and sexual aspects of yourself. think of your bedroom, it's your personal space where you can be yourself.

@ Tortie your dream sounds like you have goals and/or desires you are having trouble with. the colours are ones of passion and mystery, the sky is the unknown, with vast options which can be terrifying if you don't have a clear path. the fact you feel like you're being pulled off the roof suggest you don't have strong grounding. [say you want to become a doctor, but you haven't looked into the cost, the school, what education, or even specific type of practice you wish to pursue. if a deadline is coming up soon it would explain these dreams] seeing yourself in your dream is a reflection of how you see yourself in real life [the blue dress could be spiritual clarity, the dress suggest strong feminine energy, so it could also be something to do with your goddess or femininity] but since you run away [especially downstairs which is symbolic of regression and going backwards] it could be the future you but you do not want to accept the change for whatever reason.

@ Rosahexe snakes in this context could be ruthlessness or hidden fears, worries, or dangers in your waking life. the whispered rapture is possibly a warning that major change is coming in your life and you need to get your life on track now [say you're moving next month but haven't started packing] regarding the bathroom it can be seen as a place of cleaning and purification, so to lock yourself in the bathroom for protection from a woman trying to harm you could mean you will come through this turbulent time renewed.

i think with both of you, you need to sit down and have a serious look at your current situations, you might have an important issue you're ignoring because you're afraid, or don't want to deal with it. best of luck to you both.
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