Weird dreams.

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Weird dreams.
Post # 1
When I was a kid, I used to dream everynight of a creature that resembled a reaper (It was tall, black and I couldn't see its face. I dont think that it carried the weapon reapers do although.) It used to chase me and I would run away, laughing. (I used to think that the "reaper" chased me because we were playing a game?).

I sometimes used to see this "thing" around my house while I was awake.

That went on for almost 2 years, until one day, I dreamed that I was tired of them chasing me, so I apperantly did something (sadly, I don't remember what I exactly did) and I trapped it in a box. From that day, I actually stopped seeing that thing in my dreams or in real life, but I've been seeing multiple shadows from the corner of my eyes. I usually don't pay attention to them, but some times they make me extremely paranoid.
I wanted to ask, was the thing just an imaginary "friend", since most kids at that age usually have one, or was it a real thing? If it was, does anybody actually knows what it was, or maybe have a theory about it? What about the shadows?

Thank you for your time, I hope you all have a nice day.
Blessed be.
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Re: Weird dreams.
Post # 2
There are entities many people reffer to them as Reapers... They don't necessarily have with them weapons reapers do, yes. I think it was a real thing. And you didn't trap it anywhere... Mail me for more information.

The shadows may still be that entity watching you. When we grow up we lose connection to the spirit round... I suggest gettig that connection back again and try to talk with he Reaper. Just ask them what you desire to, and if you are still tired ask them to mewve or don't visit you that often.
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