Please help me interpret

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Please help me interpret
Post # 1
Hi I'm new to everything here. I recently did a reading for myself asking if I will have children with my husband. I did it in the horse shoe spread and got:

1. Queen of Swords
2. The Star
3. Reversed 4 of Wands
4. Reversed 10 of Swords
5. Page of Swords
6. Six of Pentacles
7. Five of Pentacles

Besides knowing the basics of each card, I'm having trouble identifying the answer/relation to my question.

Can someone offer more guidance? Thanks
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Re: Please help me interpret
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Tarot is not really good for concrete prediction of the future. It is much better for advice on a particular course of action and possible outcomes based on conditional circumstances.

A better question would be the outcome if yoiu tried to get pregnant together. Or hoiw youhr relationship would be if you had children together, if that happens to be a concern.
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Re: Please help me interpret
Post # 3
Oh okay, thank you very much for your help.
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Re: Please help me interpret
By: / Novice
Post # 4

So, you can do yes or no with tarot, but its usually done with a single card and creatove imterperetation, based on how positive or negative the reader interperwts the cards they could also be determined by reversed ore upright symbolizing yes or no. The issue with using cards to determine thw outcome of a yes4no answeredquestion is that none of the cards specifically mean yes ot no, they mean mor things and have deeper symbolism.

Likewise spreads are used to adress specific siruations or types of questions depending on the spread. Each place in the spread represents a certain aspect of the question or situation and then the card describes it, which lends even farther to not giving a straight ues or no due to it not representing that kind of question.


The firsr position of a horshoe spread represents "the past" whch added the queen of swords would indicate that in the past leadingnupto the situation, you were a hard headed person who tried to remain slf sufficient and didnt lile to share yoir troubles or secrets with others. (In general as im not going to interperet the rest of the spread.) That doesnt really lend to whether or not you will have a baby.

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Re: Please help me interpret
Post # 5
Thanks for further insight. I definitely need more practice and will make good use of your advice.
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