Really Need Advice !

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Really Need Advice !
Post # 1

So this might be a lengthy post but please bare with me <3 ;; ; ,

So it all started when I saw this ghost/spirit. I was not scared, I never felt fear, I was more confused and could not believe what I was seeing. Since I was little, spirits have always tried to get my attention. From knocking on doors/walls, tapping on my keyboard,turning the computer on, flickering lights and so much more. But this time it was different due to it was a physical appearance. Anyways this entity/ghost/spirit was in a grayish/black dark robe. He looked almost identical to the hermit in the tarot deck. I saw no hands, no face, he was covered. I woke out of a dead sleep as well early in the morning at around 330 400 am.

Then a few days later. I had a lucid dream. I awoke within the dream state in my bedroom. I was at the foot of my bed in my bedroom. It was dark being it was night time. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice, a voice that sounded as if a person was beside/infront of me. But there was no one in the room just this voice. The voice asked if I was "ready" . I was looking around and could not find anyone what's so ever. I then assumed who ever was asking me this question, it had to do with my personal spiritual development. So I replied with a "yes" . The voice then said " then stop being scared" . Then as fast as this dream came. I left my lucid dream state an re-entered another dream non-lucidly.

The next lucid dream I had, I was walking though a forest. It was night time and I came across a body of a younger girl in her early twenties. Her eyes open and she seemed to be dead. Lying on the forest floor. I then noticed the same girl, same clothes, same hair, crying beside the body. I approached her and she seemed scared/terrified. She thought I was going to hurt her. Pleading with me not to. I re-assured her I was a nice person. I calmed her down a bit. during this process of communication I realized she had a English accent. she then said suddenly, your not from here your from Canada. I said yes how do you know, she said your accent. She calmed down and we left together leaving the body in the forest. We left an suddenly appeared in a different city. There were cop cars outside the house, caution tape, people crying and talking to police. I walked up to the house but no one told me to stop or even looked at me. I noticed a guy distraught at the side of the house. Made sure he was ok just like I did with the lady. he then followed me away from this house to the other girl. This happened a few more times then I awoke.

The next lucid dream I had was in a dome, Inside this dome was very similar to virtual reality. There was a grass on the floor and a dark sky with no stars. I felt as if I was being watched. I noticed two other humans within this dome with me. Then all off a sudden stars light up on the top of the dome. I started pointing out and naming as many constellations as I possibly could and fast. I felt like I was being quizzed/tested. It also felt as if there was an un-seen force watching. Kind of like someone looking in on a cage of animals at the zoo.

This last lucid dream was the most recent a week ago. It was a very pleasant and beautiful dream. I awoke in a beautiful forest. All alone, very lush, sunny, pollen floating around. This dream felt just like the last one. I felt like I was being/doing a quiz. I was picking out editable plants, along with plants/trees that have healing abilities, and plants that can cause harm.

I'm usually really good with my dreams. I know the meanings behind them, and remember them all the time. I pay close attention to them as well due to the prophetic dreams I have been having since a child. My question is what do you think about these dreams? the entity? is there a connection, If so what do you think is happening/going on? If there is any advice you think is crucial to share id love to hear it.

The visit from the spirit was in march, these dreams being inbetween being the last one a few nights ago. Usually when I dream I don't know I am dreaming. But this time, I'm aware I'm dreaming and just going along with whatever is thrown in front of me. If that makes sense.

Thank you everyone for baring with me, this is a long post for asking for advice or help. So thank you in advance for reading/replying. Love & light <3

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Re: Really Need Advice !
Post # 2
My dear brother,I think you have a talent for shamanism,dream lucid,white magic and Contact with nature

Throughout history, those who dream strong ? those who can enter other realities at will, scout the future, dialogue with the spirits and dream for others ? have had a special place of respect as shamans and seers, healers and creators, priestesses and poets.With practice you can become a successful Wizard nature

If the demons to hurt you or annoy you You can use my spells

If you need more information contact me

Good luck and God protect you
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Re: Really Need Advice !
Post # 3

thanks for sharing this information with me. Do you have any articles? websites?videos?books? that may help with my spiritual path at all. I really appreciate the comment and information and thank you very much.

If anyone else has thoughts,advice,information, theories anything. I would really like to know what's going on and happening in your opinion.

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