Repeating Readings

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Repeating Readings

Repeating Readings
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
This is something I'm just curious about, and wanted to see what other's felt :)

What are your opinions on repeating readings? And I don't mean in the case of a panic reading, where you're just so emotionally invested in the results you keep re-doing the question "just to be sure". I mean when someone repeats a reading to check the authenticity of what has been said. What are your opinions and experiences of it? Does it change much, or do the cards selected change completely, and what would this mean?

Again, this is purely out of curiosity and for my own study of divination. Any and all replies made will be greatly appreciated.

Blessed be :)
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Re: Repeating Readings
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Personally I never do re-reads, for myself or anyone else.

What we read from anything: cards, pendulums, runes, etc, is only a singular possible path, our future can change at any time based on the decisions we make, hour to hour, day to day. Doing a re-read will often give a different result, because your path has changed between the first and second readings.

This change can commonly spark disbelief in not only yourself as the reader as you may begin to doubt yourself, but also the person you are doing a reading for, as they often don't understand that we are not able to see the 100% certain future.

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Re: Repeating Readings
Post # 3
Personally, I always leave a certain amount of time in between readings for myself or for someone else, regardless if their question is the same or not.
I don't see anything wrong with doing a rereading as long as there has been enough time for change to about. However before any reading I personally have my own "ritual" to cleanse, channel and ground my energy, and the same after the reading so repeating a reading soon after I believe won't give a reading of any significance because the energy is spent, I'll just be drawing random cards from the deck with no meaning.
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Re: Repeating Readings
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Asatru, nah it isn't connected, I'm re-doing my meditations but wasn't sure about the reading because the symbolism of the bear and the results of the reading were mostly unconnected. This is just a pondering, though, since it came up in a train of thought today :)
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