Law of Vibration Question

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Law of Vibration Question

Law of Vibration Question
Post # 1
In the law of vibration it states that if you break down anything in the universe it shows up to be pure energy and it is all around us. I heard even emotions have energy, but can saying something out loud with enough intention manifest something from the power of that energy?

So lets say I lit a green candle for health and I keep on chanting health over and over again. As I do this I focus my energy into the green candle with the power of my voice, so when I meet my climax I blow out the candle and send off the energy.

Would this type of style work without any visualization?
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Re: Law of Vibration Question
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Just don't visualize anything.

I don't see why one would not visualize anything; it can only aid in the process.

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Re: Law of Vibration Question
Post # 3
Wealth don't have to visualize like ChennyVoo says. Now if i did a wealth spell i would use energy to get what i want. Now this is a simple energy wealth spell that was taught to me by my master. Grab paper, pen, match, lighter, pyrokinesis, what ever you have that can make fire, and last small cauldron, but if you don't have one a bowl but preferably a fire proof bowl so you don't ruin a regular bowl. Now write down what you want like i want $250 for a ipod. I would fold it up and put it in the bowl/cauldron, and start chanting something like "Bring me money" and imagine pure energy floating above the bowl (over the paper) and turns to green, and goes into the paper. Last you light the paper on fire, and let the smoke go into the sky, knowing that your intent is out there. Warning:Sometimes with spells you have to forget and move onto something else because when your intent is out there you know it is our there but if you keep on thinking about it, it won't happen, and that you have to start some do not go above $500 when you start because when you start doing this spell small you can work your way up.
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Re: Law of Vibration Question
Post # 4
If you don't visualize how can you focus the energy into clear intent? The law of vibration also shows that the more energy you put into something the better the result. Visualizing + money chanting would produce a greater result because the vibration is stronger.
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Re: Law of Vibration Question
Post # 5
The spell found to have sound waves to break point of climax of cellular mis is the lamax of potential nots.

Magic is forum or not creation of potiential nothing.
Philososophy comics say that magic is the sign of prophetic calm of aora of female, hearing males moun.

Maybe the mathmatic mix of shim is that mouns control me.

Spell to feel:

Speed times cast of nott of gold skin molds.~~~~~
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