angel invokcation

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> angel invokcation

angel invokcation
Post # 1
How do you invoke an angel?Do you need to speak Enochian?
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Re: angel invokcation
Post # 2
I don't know, but I have to give you a warning. Most Angels don't see us friendly... They're most likely to harm you and in some cases seriously. They may try to possess you.

Invocation is inviting the spirit into your body... It's not possession, these are very different. I suppose you already know that, before asking. Evocation is summoning of the entity but not in your body. For beginning I suggest to do channeling-with the idea you're looking for an invocation. Channeling isn't the same thing as invocation, I just suggest it as a beginning...

I know three ways to channel entities. First of all, close your eyes and clear your head. Try to focus on the Angels's sigil..after a while you may feel a headache or different sensations. Secondly, clear your head again and call for Angel's name. Lastly, clear your head and try to visualize the Angel.

I don't know how will you communicate in these ways, I haven't studied channeling. Many people say you should have a piece of paper and write your questions with your dominant hand and then to see the answers, take your non-dominant hand and write on the paper whatever comes to your mind. Others see the entity normally (with closed eyes) and they're able to hear them. I suppose the last method requires these two psychic abilities.

I don't think you should speak Enochian... Most Angels know many languages and I'm not saying all of them because I haven't meet all of types personally (I haven't meet any type).
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Re: angel invokcation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It will largely depend upon what path you follow, or at least which resource(s) you are usong for the act.

Many traditions have very different ideas of angels, with different purposes and behaviors. Some see them as angelic messengers and some see them as the purest archetypal form of their representative ideas. Of course there are many ideas besides these. The best I can suggest is study, study deep, and study thoroughly.

Most traditions which I have read about involving angels will call but not evoke. There is definitely a reason in their traditions.
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Re: angel invokcation
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Enochian would only be used if you are utilising the Enochian tradition of magic and calling upon Enochian angels. If you are calling upon Jewish or Christian angels, then most likely not.

You needn't speak a different language at all. Invocation involves key steps you may want to research more indepthly first.
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