Being new and if this is

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Being new and if this is
Post # 1
Hello guys I'm knew here and Im an atheist and wanted to know if this seriously real because there is a Jeff the killer summoning spell and he does not exist so Yh... Also I want someone to give me a time travel spell that actually works without any ingredients or equipment that makes me go to the past and appear as the age I would have been. Thank you x
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Re: Being new and if this is
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2
Agreed Jeff the killer is not real. We have many people who come here and believe they know what magic is when in fact all they know about magic is what they learn from tv shows, books, and movies.

There is not such thing as a working time travel spell, such things are as much fantasy as Jeff the killer.

If you want to learn what real magic is and how it works I suggest you check out the stickied threads in the general section
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Re: Being new and if this is
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Magic is not something necessarily to do with the supernatural; that is a matter of belief, not fact.

Magic is defined by some as change in compliance with will.

A lot of atheistic practices treat entities as tropes, or archetypes, or aspects of the human psyche.

Many spiritual practices rely on phenomena known to exist solely in the brain, but are interpreted as something more.

Magic is not spiritual belief. A lot of people tie their magic practice together with religious practice and spiritual belief, but largely this comes from the tendency to do the same with just about everything before people learned as much about the world and the way it works as we now know and continue to learn.

People still may believe many things are influenced by the supernatural, but again this is more a decision to believe than an actual fact.
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