Old but new again ( HELP

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Old but new again ( HELP

Old but new again ( HELP
Post # 1
I studied various forms of Wicca for quite a time but when I moved away I wasn't able to continue my studies and now 17 years later I find that I am having trouble finding my magic again feeling lost
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Re: Old but new again ( HELP
Post # 2
I would recommend to try to regain magical energy again by using different energy spells. This usually helps me for whenever I need extra magical energy to perform spells..

One example to to meditate. After meditating for a reasonable amount of time, imagine drawing energy straight from the Earth. This may require some practice in the arts of Visualization first, though it is generally easy for myself, though. Since the Earth is the mother if many livings, it naturally has energy for all to use, be it in physical or magical form. After feeling you have collected enough magical energy for spells, imagine it going into your body and strengthening your aura, or whatever part if your body (ex. heart, brain, etc.) you feel is necessary in performing magic, possibly even all of these! When you open your eyes, see if you feel energetic in spirit. That is how you know if this works for you.

I hope this helps :)
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Re: Old but new again ( HELP
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Breathe. Now, take some time to write out a daily practice. This should help you feel more connected to the practice. For instance, you could wake up in the morning, do a small cleansing of the space and yourself, meditate, do something for prosperity, do something for protection, and then go about your day. You could simply do chants with those goals in mind, or you could keep a working altar for those different goals. If you work with spirits, I would talk to them, give a libation or something, every day.

When you find a way to keep a daily practice going, the system has more meaning to you.

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Re: Old but new again ( HELP
Post # 4
Thank you so much for replying to my plea for help I will absolutely be trying both of you advice
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Re: Old but new again ( HELP
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i had a break [not 17 years, more 2 or 3] so i know what it's like to essentially start over. i would start by re-reading your favourite beginner book. not so much for definitions but to rekindle the spark you once had. i would also go over 'the basics' again; practice meditation, grounding, shielding, and the like [don't beat yourself up if it's not daily, i started every other day, because i tried doing the daily thing after 3 years of nothing, and i would go 4 days fine, then something would come up causing me to miss several days in a row.] also, on days you can't meditate, try simply take a few deep breaths just to centre yourself.

i also found the book The Goddess is in the Details by Deborah Blake the thing i personally needed to bring back my 'oomph' as it were. [of course i'm sure she's not for everyone, but i find her writing style similar to my own so i adore her] in her book she does skim over a few 'basic' points, but it's suppose to be an 'advanced' book for people who have read all the beginners guides and are now trying to figure out how to become a daily witch. she also includes activities, questions, and further reading at the end of each chapter.

best of luck to you.
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