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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Fairies

Post # 1
Fairies are collectively known as Nature spirits, of which there are many shapes and sizes just like human beings. Unlike humans, their appearance varies greatly throughout the different types of them, from flower fairies, to elves to trolls and giants. Some appear strikingly similar to humans, while others look more like a cross between animals and humans. As such, sometimes they can be intensely frightening before you know them and are comfortable.

It is for this very reason, you must try your very best to keep an open mind while connecting with them. Most of them can vary in appearance greatly from what you imagine, and so it can be very difficult to be perfectly calm when experiencing something new for the first time.

Luckily, Fairies have the ability to shape shift to look different than their normal appearances. This is not a deception tactic, and is used to avoid frightening you thoroughly. Spirits and other guides can do this too.

The difference is they do not turn into various objects they can shift to different beings, often as animals or insects. Or they add some rosy cheeks or puppy dog eyes, any way you can relate more easily.
So, while connecting it is common to notice an animal insect or dragonfly acting odd to gain your attention or highly interested in being near you. Do not ignore this, it is a fairy gaining your attention gently.
Everyone has the gift of intuition, whether they know it or not. Many do not develop their gifts due to the course of life. We all are intuitive in many ways.
They are similar in this way to angels, star people, humans plants in the sense they are Divine. Hugely in touch with emotions and God.
But highly involved in a way that allows them to have a healing position.
They approach all situations non bias. Meaning not favoring one or the other (objectively)
Like humans they are imperfect and make mistakes. Using their objectivity to sustain balance within themselves.

Collectively their soul mission is to be caretakers of nature no matter how far from the sources.
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Re: Fairies
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Can fairies be anywhere in the world? And also can you leave them a note and food somewhere? If so, where can you leave it?
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Re: Fairies
Post # 3
Yes, Fairies are everywhere nature resides. No matter how far or close nature resides.
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Re: Fairies
Post # 4
Leave two saucers of honey, make it clear which they can have, in a place that won't be disturbed by natural disturbances.
Within a week taste the honey. Taste the one you told them to leave alone first and then the other.
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Re: Fairies
Post # 5
Very nice post. I never imagined though a sub-type of Fairies could be giants or elves and trolls, intrestig. Congratulations.
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