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I'm am only speaking from from my personal experiences but since I was youngers. I have always been fascinated by nature and especially forest's in general. Forest's where my safe place. When my parent's argued, When I was abused, When I was experiecing self-doubt/stress/upset/depressed, Instead of running for the hills. I ran for the forest "literatly". I never understood why, or what drew me their.

Why the forest? Why not the beach? Or a field? Or sand dunes? Or the mall? Or the my bedroom? I always felt drawn and connected to nature. As if the forest it's self held a mystic power that would relieve all the negativity and junk out of me. I couldn't explain this to others as in terms of giving people proof, so I just shared my experiences and alot of the time they said I was crazy.

The other day, I came across a YouTube video about a activity that is gaining allot of attention. Called "Forest Bathing" or in japan where they call it " Shinrin Yoku" . You go in to the forest, Once a month and not just when your upset. You take your time doing a few deep breathe excersises and taking in the scenery. Pacing your self to take your time. In the video a professor has done extensive research into this to see if he himself could find evidence of the forest healing.

He started with a small group of individuals. Took there blood before they entered the forest. A few hours pass and then he takes more blood work when they are done and out of the forest. What he found was that the forest was actually healing us. I new this by my intuition. But the people who need scientific proof he has it. Not only did the forest help stimulate all the five senses, To help wind down stress and other issues. But the forest helped better peoples immune system greatly and even an hour a month help boost the body of anti-cancer fighting bodies greatly.

I thought to share this article with everyone here. Just Google, Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku.

Love & Light,

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Re: Forestbathing/ShinrinYoku
Post # 2
Absolutely fascinating! I have to look this up further! Thanks for posting about this :)
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