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Post # 1
Fairies are exceptionally beautiful, peaceful, inspirational hard working spirits who dwell not only in Heaven, but what are called Hidey-Holes or Pocket Realities (bubbles of energy placed through Earth and other planets in plain sight but never seen, these are thoroughly undetectable. Within one, it is a whole world that is very tangible and real, from the outside it is spiritual) They can help you live breathe and realize your passions and dreams. They do not shy away from a challenge and will not hesitate to show you potential.( In fact, the "Havoc" were Fairies showing accusing farmers they were wrong to accuse the Fairies falsely)
Fairies have different customs :
And more which they hold to their hearts.
What looks childish is only them knowing how you learn and grow and acting upon that they help you learn by having fun most of the time.
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Re: More
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I am not sure where your information comes from. It might be that these statements come from your personal experience, which is fine. However, I have dealt with many fae who are not in the least bit like what you describe. They can be horrible acting, horrid looking, and down right mean regardless of how you treat them.
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Re: More
By: / Novice
Post # 3

A tad of a sweeping statement don't you think?

The fae are like people, they comes in many shapes and sizes, not all are beautiful, not all are tall, many are short and ugly, but they are all fae. I am sure that many are lazy and quite the opposite of inspirational as well.

As Nordstar has said, it is fine if this is your own experience with the fae, but as with anything, your belief and view point is not the whole story and should not be taken as a fact for everyone.

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Re: More
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Merry Meet,

If this is based on personal experience, you're very lucky. As everyone else as mentioned, not all fae are as you describe. Many stories I have heard tell of fae being tricksters, sometimes spiteful. Some may choose to bless or curse humans as a result of the individuals behaviour, but many times it would be for fun. Not all fae look like beautiful winged humans either, some can be quite terrifying. Look into ancient European mythology and you will find many stories of terrifying creatures doing terrifying things and are categorized as a type of fae. An Irish legend about changelings go that a fairy who is repulsed by their own babies sometimes takes a human child and replaces them with their repugnant child. This fairy child then turns the mortals home into turmoil, only happy when bad things happen.

Blessed Be.
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Re: More
Post # 5
You are right some can look scary until you know and are comfortable with them. Examples: Trolls, Ogres look like workaholics until you talk to them and they explain how much they love working! It's like one long extended vacation.
The stories are based on fear and ignorance of not knowing and seeing for themselves.
Changeling stories used to explain deformities in children. And when a fairy blesses a child's fairy sight magic and wonder, they are branded as corrupting or even trying to kill children.
Use your heart, your gut your intuition. It will never steer you wrong if you are calm and trust source. Although some Fairies do exaggerate truth (Gnomes, pixies) Think of a child telling the story. Would you believe them? Or would you be bombarded with story telling arms flailing about?
You are the judge. Although, the possibilities are endless so be open to the possibility of what I am explaining.
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Re: More
Post # 6
You are also right in the fact many are of different personalities, shapes sizes many ranging from looking like humans to animals and human mix, to outside of what you would imagine,
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