Practising Psychokinesis

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Practising Psychokinesis
Post # 1
Hi there! I have been studying kinesis for a while now and I found this kinesis called Psychokinesis. Is there any practises for Psychokinesis?
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Re: Practising Psychokinesis
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Psychokinesis and all other varieties of kinesis are fantasy largely drawn from the book and movie "Avatar: the Last AirBender". Such skills have never been shown to be real.

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Re: Practising Psychokinesis
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Also, the show.

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Re: Practising Psychokinesis
Post # 4
While you probably can't move things with your mind, psychokenis is about causing any kind of change with your mind. For the most part this is about influencing your behavior through regular visualization and meditation.

1. maintain an imaginary friend or imaginary object in your life at all times. I keep a floating ball near one of the doors in my bed room.

2. Describe what you want as if you actually have it. For example, if you want a new car you say, I have a brand new car.

3. Pay attention to how you feel. How do you feel when you say you have it? Is it important to earn a car? Try saying, "I earned a brand new car." Does that feel better?

4. Try out different ideas. Change aspects of your "Meditation" until you feel comfortable with what you want. Lot's of people say they want to win the lottery or make a million dollars but when asked to sit down about how or why, they don't have a clear reason and also show signs of discomfort when presented with large sums of money. For example, I interviewed someone who said they wanted to be a millionaire but felt uncomfortable making any kind of deal worth over $300.

5. Regularly imagine having what you want. Now that you know what you want and are comfortable with it, the change can be things like losing weight, making more money at work, finding a job, and even being able to keep track of your keys more easily, you should maintain the feeling that you have what you want for about a month. This prepares you for the last step.

6. Let go. Now stop imagining and feeling like you have what you want. By visualizing, you reduce your motivation to acquire the thing you want; however, the purpose of visualization to change your mind so that you waste less time and energy trying to get the thing you want. The other steps are important because most people give up when they run out of energy or get discouraged from pursuing their ideals. This final step is to motivate you to take the necessary steps to meet your goal and to allow the motivation you've built up so far to propel you through difficult times.

If you're having trouble, it's okay. Take it slow. Go one step at a time. Your first wish might take a year or more. My first wish took 8 years, but I was studying how to get it to work. Just relax, and follow the steps. Do steps 1-5 at least once a day. You can message me if you would like some help.

Sorry it's not moving things with your mind, but there are plenty of ways to move things remotely. For example, remote control cars are a form of telekinesis (remote moving derived from greek). Asking a friend to move something for you is a form of telekinesis. Most magic works best when it's simple and feels real, like something that happens every day, rather than feels "magic". If spirits and other inter-dimensional l beings exist to help a practitioner of magic move things without physically touching them, the process is exactly the same as asking your friend to move something for you, so you can practice that and use the above 6 steps to astral project to find inter-dimensional beings and befriend them, but I've never astral traveled or or found inter-dimensional beings, so ask other people about those things.

Just remember to use your mind to create something every day and to be practical.
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