Inner Strength Spell

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Inner Strength Spell
Post # 1
Before i adress to my topic, i want to say that i'm new and i don't know if i'm supposed to post this here. I'd like to discuss a spell i figured kinda by mistake! So i've been going through some rough emotional parts of my life which sometimes would keep me awake at night making me think about them and therefor not get enough sleep. After doing some research i've managed to "make" a small ritual! The ingrediens needed are rather easy, it consists of 1 brown colored candle, one bound object (i'll explain later) and consetration. Since i find it hard to consentrate i use a chalk and draw a circle on the ground (helps focusing). Place in the middle of the circle the candle(and light it) and the place next to it the bound object. The bound object is like a magnet of negative thoughts, like a dream catcher but not for sleeping. In my case i use a black smooth stone. It can be anything really, but should be something inanimate and preferably smooth (a piece of glass could hurt you for example). Just focus on the object for a bit, and think of what is bothering you for like 5-10m. Once done get the bound object and place it near your bed. In my case it helped me a lot! In fact not only i'm mostly over my emotional crisis but also, i've been able to sleep well at nights. The stone works like a negative-thought magnet, absorbing the negative energy, but i'm curious, what happens to that energy... Anyway i hope i helped :) -N
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Re: Inner Strength Spell
Post # 2
Looks like a really good spell :) Glad it's worked for you!

As for where the energy goes - some feel the God /dess take it in and purify it. As for me, I would purify the stone once a month by running it under water for a minute just to clear it out. I've always wanted a good purifying spell. Now I think I have one! Thanks you :D
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