Psychic ability?

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Psychic ability?
Post # 1
So, when I read other's people bios here or somewhere (most here) I'm able to immediately understand their gender, with no looking at all their gender ideantity, I just guess it. Like I sense when it's name or female. I don't know how. By 90 percent I am always correct, but sometimes rarely I'm not. I remember I was talking to a member from here-she was female, and with no looking at her gender I felt I was talking to a male.. Some months later I think I know she is attracted by girls and not by guys.

Why did I feel that, is it a kind of psychic ability?
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Re: Psychic ability?
Post # 2
I would say no. Most people tend to write the same way they speak, and if you have noticed, women do tend to speak differently then men. Also, as you said if you were incorrect, it may most likely have been do to the person being more identified with the opposite sex, and thus speaking as so. But psychic ability, no. You mearly are more observant and able to read people more clearly. You simply pay more attention to the people and places around you. Which is a great thing to do. Just think of all the things that could've and wouldn't have happened if people had paid more attention at that moment...
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Re: Psychic ability?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Having an inclination of what gender someone is by the way that they type is normal and not at all psychic.

A lot of people mistake my husband for a girl because he tends to type with more emojis and, "teehee" more.

I get mistaken for a man because I'm very blunt, direct, and to the point.

It has been proven that girls often type differently. Not always given there are exceptions to every rule.
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Re: Psychic ability?
Post # 4
Oh I see.. Yeah, in past coven also, I was mistaken for a girl because I am typing in a more "alive" way, but I'm also straight into the point. It may has been proven but the provement is wrong, there's no specific way of typing of one gender..every person is unique, talks and acts with their own ways. But yeah,the majority of females and males type in a specific way, but it means Absolutely Nothing.
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