First time spell caster

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First time spell caster
Post # 1
Hey all, this is the first time I've looked into spell casting. I made the huge mistake of paying some fraud "priest" from South America $700! Me and my ex had just broke up when I contacted this guy and he promised me the world. Told me every thing I wanted to hear. I regret it all so much now but anyways. I started looking into doing my own love spells at home to try to get my ex back. Im so desperate right now. I love him so much and we had such an amazing relationship. The only reason we broke up is because he owns a million dollar company and is crazy busy with work that he feels like he has no time for a relationship. It's been a month since we broke up. We still see each other and talk maybe 4-5 days times a week but I feel him getting more and more distant and he's slowly slipping away. I casted about 6 different love spells. Two of them I did on a full moon. The others were very simple love spells involving candles, honey, apple, his photo, etc. 3 days after I casted the first couple of spells I spent the whole weekend with him but now he's back to being distant so idk if that was a sign of the spells working. Not sure but tomorrow will be a full week of all the spells casted. I know they may take some time to see results but I'm slowly losing my mind with this. I also just bought a spell off Mdm Caitlin who was offering a special for May 30th which is when Mars will be closest to earth in over a decade, she claims this is the best day to cast a spell bc it'll be 10x more powerful and results could be instant so of course I bought it last night and will see if that works also.
Just wanted to talk to some people about these spells and if anyone has had true results from these. I haven't told a single soul about what I've done bc I've heard it's not good to tell people. So I figured I can speak about it with people who believe in it and can help me get through this rough time. Thanks xo
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Re: First time spell caster
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I recommend a honey jar for long term results. There are several on site posts to explain the process.

For the now, burn a pink/red candle dressed with sweet almond oil and cinnamon over a petition with your name dominating his, burn the petition in the dying flame, and place a pinch of the ashes in his shoes.

Also, if he needs space, give him space.

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Re: First time spell caster
Post # 3
Just wanted to update this since its been a month. I have not seen any results. We actually had dinner last week where he was firm about not wanting to be committed and it tore me apart. Tonight is the full moon and I'm gonna try two more spells and hope for the best. My last resort would be going to a physic in my town who performs love spells in person. I just don't want to pay over $300 but I'm desperate :/
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Re: First time spell caster
By: / Novice
Post # 4

You don't need to pay anyone to cast a spell, most spellcasters are fake as are many psychics.

You can't force someone to be with you when they don't want to be, that simply isn't right. If it isn't meant to be, then it isn't meant to be, maybe this is your chance to move on and find happiness elsewhere.

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Re: First time spell caster
Post # 5
I agree with H2O. Having been in a situation myself where I wanted to be with somebody (and he me at one point) we both tried resorting to spellwork for comically tragic results.

From this, I was able to grow and learn as a person, adapt, and I was able to find another happy and healthy relationship outside of my first. I took the time to reflect on myself, and respect James' perspective, his life, and honor him by growing from my past, rather than consistently tearing myself up over it.

My personal lesson was that of lack of commitment: I was scared. I gained self confidence and so far have been able to hold a 2 year comitted relationship after him.

Maybe you need t take some time to reflect off yours?
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