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Astral info
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Re: Astral info
Post # 2
Hello all i came across the topic of ap and l was wondering if i could fight entity with my hands and if anyone had any good books or anything good on ap
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Re: Astral info
Post # 3
Hey! Well yeah it is preety much possible, entities fight with entities too..however things on Astral plane are not that simple as the physical.

There are three species of entities: Demons, Angels and spirits of the dead. If you fight with a Demon or Angel, most likely you're going to get killed. If you fight with a spirit of the dead, your chances of killing (in time) will be lower, which means if you fight with spirits of the dead you may get killed later than the time you would with Demons/Angels.

To end a battle fairly, one of you must not be able to continue fighting; if you get killed it is said the entity won; if you make the entity unable of fighting anymore with you, you won. When I say "killed" I mean losing in Astral.. When you get killed in Astral plane you come back to your body, you will feel though exhausted and drained for the next day or so. That's just it.
The entity does not has a body, so it won't go back somewhere. They will just be unable to fight.

Demons and Angels are not like neutral (spirits of the dead) spirits. They are much more powerful, and each each of the. specializes in specific abilities... The abilities vary... Neutral spirits don't specialize on these kind of abilities... They will fight you with their way-their way is not powerrul enough as the other species of entities; that's why I said you have a lower chance with neutrals...

Most likely, you'll lose in every battle, especially with "no weapons"... And don't forget, when you fight in Astral plane you fight in their world, with their rules; they have the upper hand and the control. There's also a possibility something to follow you back to yout house...

About books, I reccomend "Astral Dynamics" by Rubert Bruce. I haven't read it all, cause I was too lazy to do so. However, it's a famous book and Many people have been benefited by it.

Good luck!!!
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