What remains

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What remains
Post # 1
As you might already know, I lost my wife two years ago after a amazing 33 year marriage. On the night that I had to sit and watch her die, when I got home and lay on the bed, I felt her touch me on the arm. Then till just lately, she has had contact with me via a knock on the walls just about every day. Then a few weeks ago I heard a distinct whisper in my ear, from which I can only think was my Soul Mate saying goodbye and I haven't heard from her since. So for how long will passed loved one's stay with you in spirit form and what causes them to move on. I hate to think that I have done anything to upset her and feel very much at a loss for the silence that now fills my life. Any thoughts or comments would be very much appreciated and I apologize in advance if you think I am treating this site as a psychological outlet.I simply a lonely soul looking for answers that will help me to move on with my life.
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Re: What remains
Post # 2

Spirits of the loved ones go to better place when they die, however there are always ways of contacting them. In your case it might be that your wife was actually missing you as well and was communicating with you. But dont worry, it was not you as the reason she left, she left coz spirits cant be in one place forever, they have to move on. However there is also excercises for contacting spirits that you might want to learn for it will allow you comunicate with your wife again. I will have to admit that im not an expert on this field but i think im right in this case. If there is someone with higer knowledge on this than me and says differently then i do deeply apologize for being wrong. I do however hope that this will help you somehow. Also i might add that im sure she would want you to live and try to be happy as much as it can be possible in this kind of situation.

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