Is Magic all about spells

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Is Magic all about spells
By: / Novice
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~Is magick all about spells?~
I started practicing magick when I was 14. I dont really know what drew me into it but Ive always been interested in magick, ever since I was a child. The very first time I set up an altar, I somehow had this familiar feeling, this weird, odd, yet cozy, warm feeling that Ive done this before , that this is my home, this is the right way for me. Up to this very day, 10 years later, I feel at home when I light my candles, when I light my incense, when I write down my thoughts and emotions and reflections and spells and rituals on my book of shadows.
I feel at home when I cast spells or rituals. But for a long time, Ive been wondering. Is magick really all about spells , only? For starters, it wasnt the spells that drew me into magick, it was everything that magick really is, for me personally. But then again, what is magick, really?
In order for us to understand something, we like to define things, classify things, makes things easier.So, over the ages people have come up with all sorts of definitions about magick.

According to Aleister Crowley, magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will . Now, that is a great definition, but I believe for every single person magick is something different. Were all different, our practices are different, we all have different interests and goals when it comes to magick and the way we practice it and this diversity is what makes everything a whole lot more interesting.

For me, personally, magick is a way of life , or rather to be more precise, practicing magick is a way of life. Its a way of being . Its a way of expressing yourself. Its a way of exploring your inner self and everything thats around you. The way I see it, practicing magick is a journey , a never ending journey. You learn, and you grow and you trip, (we've all been there, haven't we?) and you get up again, and you keep learning and growing and changing. Our paths are constantly growing and changing as much as we are. But let us focus on spells now. Here, Id like to take a moment to clarify that I am not by any means against spellwork. Far from it. But I firmly believe that magick is not only about spells.
Most people nowadays focus too much on them in my opinion. I mean, in many, many cases their very ultimate goal is exactly that, effective spell-casting, and that is totally fine by me. However, I believe theres more to magick than spells. Spellwork is a very important aspect of magick, indeed. People have been casting spells since the dawn of time and we have solid evidence in our hands that prove exactly that. Many peoples and cultures didnt really refer to spells as such, but in essence that is what they did. They cast spells to bind, to curse, heal, help, bless, and condemn others. In some cultures magick was frown upon and in other cultures it was very welcome, it was a part of peoples lives.

To my mind, magick is something that is not superficial. It is a way of communicating with our ancestors through following their ways. Its a way for us to learn and grow and expand our horizons. It is a way for us to keep exploring and appreciating Life and everything that Life represents. It is a way for us to connect with Nature and with Life in general. It is a way for us to improve and enhance our lives fully.

~I have been practicing magick for a decade and I can firmly say now that magick has enriched my personal life in every way possible.~
  • It has taught me to respect my roots, my ancestors, Nature and Life itself. It has taught me patience, responsibility and discipline. Magick has taught me to love and accept myself the way I am. Magick has shown me the way to fully express myself.

  • Magick has taught me that I can live a happy, joyous life.
  • Magick has given me a better and greater understanding of myself and life itself.
  • Magick has taught me to be responsible for my own words, actions and deeds.
  • Magick has taught me to be patient.
  • Magick has taught me to never give up. In hardships, and in happiness, its always been there for me and for that I am grateful.
  • Thank you.
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