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help magical barrier
Post # 1
hi is there any way to create some sort of magical barrier or something to put on my door that stops people walking past a certain point thanks
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Re: help magical barrier
Post # 2
Um I created a air barrier ued to keep my mom out of my room.all the kinks aren't fully worked out of it for me to post it on the site
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Re: help magical barrier
Post # 3
I personally do not know of being able to put things on your door, but if you were to be able to create a physical magik(ck which ever you perfer) would take such an origional powersource, that i believe to no longer be of this world. Yet, if you were to try to put a spiritual barrier on a door, it would require only a monderate amount of energy. To do this, you would have to make a simple barrier, then either keep putting layers on the barrier, or just thinken the layer(which takes more energy).
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Re: help magical barrier
Post # 4

You can't physically block a person from getting entry into your house spiritually while using some physical protective products are certainly suitable for this. Lock your house doors, buy a good fence and always try to take care of yourself.

Placing protection or a peacful charm over your house would be marvelous as well. Charms, Blesses, chants, Mantras, Amuletns, Symbols, and powders are all things you can add to your house in order to attract happiness. You many try finding the following list of options online while they're very well covered.

In order to attract happiness to your house and keep it peacful I specifically recommend the following herbs:
Dragon's Blood, Dulse, Eryngo, Gardenia Blossoms, Lavender, Loosestrife, Meadowsweet, Olive Leaves, Passion Flower, Purslane, Rose Petals.

Scattering herbs and powders is a common way of invoking the influence of the herbs to achieve your magical intent. They are dusted around places of business to improve sales, scattered in bedrooms to light the spark of love, and sprinkled over people to bless or protect them. Powders are particularly common in traditional American folk magic and hoodoo where there are hundreds of them in common use. They are a relatively easy product, scattering herbs are single herbs or blends that are spread around a home, store, property or other sort of place to produce a magical intent. Powders are finely ground dried herbs, mixtures of herbs, or oils added to a base of talcum powder. A coffee grinder is useful in grinding the herbs finely to make powders although you may use a mortar and pestle. You want the herbs truly powdered, a very fine mixture without large bits scattered through it. You put them around your house in order to achieve your peacful intent.

Whatever herbs you choose to add to it, the powder may be dusted onto your altar to enhance your magical workings, sprinkled onto ritual objects to strengthen the connection to your magical intent, or blown into the air to spread their magical influence through a room or place. You may add a protection powder to the casting of the circle ritual, sprinkling it around the sacred space. Of course that you should dust it around your house to let it be affective.

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