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Tips for Covens;
By: / Beginner
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Now this post is directed at members who wish to join or run an online coven here on Spells of Magic, first things for, the same old question that has been asked hundreds of times by almost all new members, "How do I create a coven," the simple answer is, you can't, Petrarca (the site Admin) closed that option quite a while ago, he may open it back up in the future, but there is no telling, as of right now we have tons of Covens, groups, halls,..etc. that you can visit and potentially become "Members" of. I am going to talk about Memberships and Sending a Request to Run a Coven in two seperate categories, the first one I am going to talk about is Joining;

Joining a Coven

The first question you want to ask yourself is, "What is a coven," a coven is a gathering of people who meet on a regular basis. Now an online coven are almost like that, but they meet online or on "Skype" or other communication based apps. Each of our online covens have their own page dedicated to inform you about; What the coven is about, what the coven focuses on, sometimes the application process, Priest/Priestess, and who are the Members of that coven. I highly recommend that you read through each of the covens and find one that draws you to it. Here a few "do nots" when you are trying to apply for a coven;

  1. Do not lie on a coven application.
  2. Do not clearly have something that breaks site rules.
  3. Do not be rude/disrespectful to any member of that coven or any member of the sistering covens. (or just don't be disrespectful in general)

Now, I have gotten a couple of messages about, "Is ranks important in a coven," in my experience most covens do not go off ranks, they go off what knowledge you put into the coven and how much time you spend helping others. Ranks are just to show you that someone that is "Knowledgeable" or "Adept" thought you had some knowledge and ranked you based on where they think you are at, ranks are not at all the most important part of this site.

Taking Over a Coven

Okay so many people are interested in "taking over" an inactive coven, but a majority of them don't even know how to run a coven, yes you can say,"I run a coven in real life," but the factor is, it's up to Petrarca (the site Admin) who gets chosen for that opportunity. There are requirements that should be met before you should "Apply" to take over a coven;

  1. Your account must be 3 months old.
  2. Posting helpful and insightful information on this site.
  3. Following site rules.
  4. Giving members helpful information on their posts.

and possibly quite a bit more, but all in all, it's up to Pet, he reads through all the "Applications" and watches and views your account history and then he makes his decision for your "Application". Don't assume that just because you sent in an Application, and you state your a Priest/Priestess of your own coven, that Petrarca is going to say, "Oh okay, I am going to automatically give them the position." because anyone would say that. Heres the "do nots" after sending an "Application";

  1. Do not harass Petrarca about your Application.
  2. Do not harass Moderators about your Application (They don't have access to it).
  3. Do not post about you sending an "Application" to take over a coven.
  4. Do not post as if you have already been accepted to become one of the leadership roles.
  5. Do not be inactive on the site.
  6. Do not spread "Fluff" based content on the site.
  7. Do not break the rules of the site.

There is possibly a lot more for this section, other insightful members can add that later.

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