I need to get rid of debt

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> I need to get rid of debt

I need to get rid of debt
Post # 1
How can I get rid of debt fast?
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Re: I need to get rid of debt
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: I need to get rid of debt
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Magick cannot help, magick is subtle, it can help aid you in monetary gain, but it cannot free you from debt alone.
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Re: I need to get rid of debt
Post # 4
There are no spells to get you out of debt, but you could try downsizing things that you might not need to spare costs until your out of debt
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Re: I need to get rid of debt
Post # 5

I'll tell you in a frank, mundane way.

Pay the debts back bit by bit-- what ever you can handle. Seek support? Start a gofundme page?

Start making extra money on the side doing something small like cutting grass or accepting commissions if you've any services to offer such as drawing or some other thing?

Magical ways can include change of your mindset. You can try energy manipulation to change your outlook on your situation. The faster you realize your situation and become completely aware, you can then start moving onto really solving the problem (since debt seems to be buried in the back of many minds, just saying)

Also spells to see if you can open up doors or persuade some things more into your favor to try and see that the whole process goes by smoothly and timely?

Maybe magic cannot help very directly but it sure can help in a numerous ways that everyone forgets about!

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Re: I need to get rid of debt
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
As the others have stated there isn't a way to magically erase your debt. Even with bankruptcy, some items such as federal student loans are not eligible to be expunged, and of course the record of bankruptcy will be on your credit report.

I would follow the advice of really developing a lifestyle change to focus on your spending patterns. Even if you manage to clear your debt, without changing your spending behaviors you may end up right back where you were before over time.

Start with a budget plan and allocate a set number of funds to contribute towards each bill. Pick the smallest bill to pay a little bit more on. Once that debt is cleared use the money you were paying on that debt to add to the next lowest debt. By continuing to do this pattern you will actually pay off your debt faster. It is a well known system to eliminate excessive debt.

In addition to this, I would suggest looking into some good luck spells or good fortune spells. While this won't make you a millionaire over night, you may find extra money coming into your life here and there which is always a nice thing. Just use it wisely towards your debt.

Good luck!
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