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Demon Magican
Post # 1
if my grammer is not that good or u cant understand it sorry . I Have been interested into demon Magican for a some while now . I seem cant find how to become one . I want to do tricks on people to make them believe me when i say i can involk things . If u can help me on this please do so . Thank You.
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Re: Demon Magican
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Magick doesn't really work like that. You can't play tricks on people with it, or suprise them my summoning lots of things, that just isn't the way it works, Magick is subtle.

Also you become a witch/warlock/caster/magician (depending on what you want to call yourself) simply by practicing the craft, some people choose to take on the title others don't, it's all personal preference.

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Re: Demon Magican
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Please do not use text speak in your posts. Spell out your words completely. It is "you", not "u". Text speak is a violation of site rules.

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Re: Demon Magican
Post # 4

I know of some people in my town who are both magick practitioner as well as magicians. They will do a trick and say a spirit is helping them to further pull in the audience.

But there are also magicians who say magick isn't real. Same as there are magick practitioner who dislike the use of magician skills to dupe people into thinking spirits are working.

You really have to not combine the two, but look at both magicians and magick practitioner doing separate things. Though like I said a magician may also in his/her time be also practicing magick that dosent mean the floating person is floating because a demon is helping them for it is a magicians trick.

If you are interested in learning magician tricks there are many websites an videos that can help you achieve this. As so as there are many websites/books/videos to help gain a better knowledge/understanding into magick.

If you are interested in learning magick. A good place to start is researching all the different paths and what they have to offer. Then if you find one research on that particular path. If you can not find a particular path. Think to yourself why do you want to learn magick? What will you do with this knowledge and how will you use it? Are there any other subjects you want to explore such as astrology,divination ie tarot,scrying,runes, herbs, ext .

I hope I could help and much luck on your path and journey my friend,

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Re: Demon Magican
Post # 5
well, 1st, could u explain what you mean when you say demon magician?
2. magician is a term used to describe people who do tricks, not magick.
3. why do you care what people think? and if they belive that you can, wouldnt that just make things weird in your everyday life and interactions with those around you?
4. from what ive learned, keeping silent about your magickal workings is also pretty important.
and finally. even if you learn to do this... it still wont make people belive that you can.

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Re: Demon Magican
Post # 6
but if you have picked up a grimoire of any sorts, then youre more than likely to stumble upon chapters about demons. and from them you can also learn that working with spirits is difficult work and theres always a price whether you are aware of it or knot.
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