Summoning fairies

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Summoning fairies

Summoning fairies
Post # 1
Hay guys I was wondering if you had any spells that 100% garunteed to work because I am friends with a nice fairy but she only comes at night and I want to befriend her/him do you have anything???
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Re: Summoning fairies
By: / Novice
Post # 2
so you want to force this faerie to come to you when you call to it because you want to be its friend?

i wouldn't summon a faerie, i would try either meeting this faerie at night, or try welcoming faeries to your home so one might visit. faeries can be nice, but they can also be very spiteful so you might not want to force a fae to do something. try leaving out some milk and honey as an offering [if you have a garden place it there] usually i saw faeries at my old house late in the evening. i don't work much with fae so i don't know when they're out more, but if they're usually out at night, try figuring out a night where you could sleep over at your friends and she could introduce you. [keep in mind you may not physically see the faerie, it might be an orb out of the corner of your eye, or a feeling of its presence]
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Re: Summoning fairies
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

To add to what Nekoshema said, no spell is 100% guaranteed to work no matter how skilled the magic user might be. There are many things which can cause a spell to not work as intended or to not work at all.

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Re: Summoning fairies
Post # 4
1. no
2. why do u want to befriend some1 who u said was ur friend already?
3. if u know she will be there, then why call upon her?
no offence, but just because u dont have beter things to do, doesnt mean she doesnt. should she return, u could just ask her to visit more often, right?
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Re: Summoning fairies
Post # 5
I don't believe you have to actually summon them. :)
It seems you are friend with that Fairy and want to spend more time together.

So next time they come, ask her/him you want to be friends and you want to spend more time together because you really like them. Speak words by heart, and they will understand.
Ask for their name, and it seems you don't know Fairy's name either. Time to meet each other. :)

Good luck!
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Re: Summoning fairies
Post # 6

Faeries are known to be mischevious or to be tricksters, and they're not all nice little winged creatures. They are like people and can be very nasty.

Try building a small little hobbit hole type of thing or a vessel which the fae may be attracted to, offer some food or drink or what ever you think said fairy likes

Relationships, like friendships, need 100% participation, meaning you have to give as well as the fairy.

Unless said fairy doesnt care if you dont offer it anything and it gives to you, but generally always offer things in return and be respectful!

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