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Post # 1
Can someone cast a spell on me like anything where I can feel a presence or is that not possible? I want to feel the feeling.
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Re: Curious
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Casting spells uses energy and most people won't do it on anything less that really important.

Why is it that you want to feel that (if you don't mind me asking)?

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Re: Curious
Post # 3
I'm just really curious on the feeling I want to be able to feel the feeling of supernatural forces around or on me. I just need to feel something.
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Re: Curious
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 4
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Re: Curious
By: / Novice
Post # 5
There is no actual feeling. You are seeking tangible response to the intangible.

Most people who work with spirits and other non-physical beings will describe the experience as emotional and intuitive. It's sort of a sense you get used to, almost more of a skill than a sensation.
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Re: Curious
Post # 6
You want to feel Spirits. Maybe the way someone feels the spirits depend on themselves..or the kind of psychic ability they have. For instance, an empath-an individual who perceives emotion may feel different a spirit, rather than a person who is able to sense energies around them and not emotion (it is different). Others may feel it like cold precense...

I have felt one spirit precense in my life only, when I was meditating. I was trying to Astral Project and a guy has been helping me.. I didn't felt him as cold, through emotions, being watched or something..I felt an actual spirit, an actual entity. Like a powerful precense next to me, the feeling was amazing!
Personally, I prefer always this kind of feeling of spirits, because it is a powerful way to know when spirits are around you-you feel their whole energy..and it's a powerful and an amazing feeling.

So if you want to feel spirits this way, develop this kind of psychic ability... I'm not sure if a spell can achieve that....
Personally I don't have develoled this kind of activity yet, however with meditation you tune yourself into these frequencies; spiritual frequencies. He was also trying to hell me; most likely the reason I felt him.
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