Help Save Marriage

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Help Save Marriage
Post # 1
I have been trying to save my marriage I even trusted a spiritual healer that she promised results and I have her all I had even in debt now cause of her have her lump sum and have not heard from her ever since I have no more to pay out and I tried spells of my own but they semi worked some even seem to show as if good was battling evil he been putting out on him to hate me and break up our marriage their are influences that are making him do this he seems to have selfishness, unforgiving and blames me for the way I acted to his unfaithfulness among other out of character of who he always was... Also the way he acted towards me changed in one week one Oct 2015 before, Also, he getting worse and more hateful towards me. I know there is one or more putting spells on him to act out of his normal character he not this hateful or evil by nature and always forgiving and takes blame and understanding....I really need help that works but as I said I have nothing left I pray to Hod being Christian but am not close minded I know other stuff works if people are real not fakes to steal money which one did to me and others before her I feel alone I can't beat what someone is doing to break up My marriage....please help need answers who can see the source and honestly on what can be done.
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Re: Help Save Marriage
Post # 2
I am really sorry to read your message. I don't think that saving your marriage is a matter for a spiritual healer. As I'm quickly learning, perhaps the best thing that you can get out of magic is the capacity to shape and channel your own energies, which have an effect on others. I don't have any solutions, but as I grew up in a home filled with strife, I am sending good thoughts that your situation improves.
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Re: Help Save Marriage
Post # 3

The best thing you can do in your situation is be open, honest, and communicate truthfully with each other.

Also, never pay someone to cast spells for you. They are often scammers.

Good luck

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