The Wall of Asgard

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The Wall of Asgard
Post # 1

This is has been one of my all time favorite stories in Norse Mythology. I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

The Wall of Asgard

Retold by Reginleif

One fine sunny day, the Aesir gods were having a merry time with each other, enjoying each other's company and whatnot, until a mysterious architect came forth. He was halted and asked his buisness.

"I want to build you a fine wall! I ask for nothing in return except the sun, moon, and the hand of Freyja." Says the architect.

The gods thought on this. On one hand, they needed the wall for their protection so they can protect themselves from the giants. On the other hand, they held both the sun and moon, as well as Freyja dearly. The gods continued debating back and forth on what they should do. Suddenly, Loki chimed in.

"Let's give him a run for his money. We'll give him three winters to complete this wall. Asgard is huge. He can't complete the wall in that amount of time. And when he fails, we win and we can finish the wall ourselves!"

The gods liked the sound of this. It was agreed upon by both parties that the architect's deadline would be three winters and he wasn't allowed any help except from his work horse.

So, the architect and his horse went to working away. They worked hard. And fast. As time went on, the sight of this worried the gods as they were afraid of losing their bargin. They turned to Loki in anger, feeling foolish that he cocered them into agreeing into this deal. Loki sheepishly reassured them that he'd get to fixing it and that they wouldn't lose.

Near the end of the deadline, the architect and his horse continued their hard work, until something caught their eye. A mare had appeared seemingly out of nowhere and was trying to grab the horse's attention. As if possessed, the horse freed himself of his owner and went after the mare. The architect was distraught at this event and could not complete the wall in time. The gods rejoiced, but later found out that the architect was a giant in disguise. Upon this discovery, they promptly kicked him out of Asgard, sending him back to Jotunheim.

A few months later, Loki re-appeared out of the blue, bearing a gift to Odin: Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse. Sleipnir is the son of Loki and the architect's horse. Yep, you read that right.

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Re: The Wall of Asgard
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I love this story not because it is so entertaining, but because it shows a side to Loki many mainstream Heathens (specifically Asatruars) are not aware of, the chaotic yet beneficial to the greater or common good side. It can be a great misconception that Loki is evil, and some have gone to say he is the Norse equivalent of Satan. I feel this is because of the murder of Baldr, and it's significance to Ragnarok. Yet those same people fail to mention that if not for Loki Thor would not be weilding Mjolnir protecting Midgard. Draupnir would not have been made and been a source of gold and wealth for Odin. Freyja would have been the bride to a giant (on various occasions). Freyr would not have his golden bristled boar. The list can go on for a while, dependent on who you ask. I love these stories because it shows Loki for who he was usually depicted, a God of Controlled Chaos, a God who cannot stand things to remain stagnant, one that favors change, and knows that all things must remain dynamic. One who understands the cycles of nature, summer to winter, life and death, and knows that these must remain in cycle. Not a being of pure evil.
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Re: The Wall of Asgard
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Great and valid points on Loki, Heid. I completely agree.

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