MISSING! Help!!!!

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MISSING! Help!!!!
Post # 1
So lately, items I absolutely love have been going missing. Well so far its been one of my talismans and my music speaker, though it was in the time i havent had company and i live alone. I put both these things in my purse always when i arrive home and take them out when im about to leave the house to use them. What could be happening? Is there a spell or something i could cast? Is there like dwarves or something taking these things and hiding them?'
Helppppp :/
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Re: MISSING! Help!!!!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well, i've known spirits to hide stuff, but they give it back after a while. i've also read about a theory the gods hide important things when you've upset them. try and think if there's something you can do to say sorry if you've done something to upset your deities, otherwise, wait it out. empty out your purse completely [i've thought i've lost stuff in my bag when it was really just buried] if it's not there, go through the last room you saw it in, it's probably there.

if you want a spell there are a few i've heard of, but i also believe some things don't require spells. sure you really want the item back, but using a spell is a little like killing a spider with a flamethrower, not really needed. but you could try very simply going into the last room you saw the object in, relaxing, focus on the object, then slowly [eyes closed] turn, you should get a strong urge to stop. the direction you're facing is usually the direction the object is located in. i still suggest just tearing your house apart like a crazy person one room at a time.
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Re: MISSING! Help!!!!
Post # 3
Ah I have had this happen to me as well, things being moved by spirits but no worries they should turn up eventually. I think it's funny, how the more you look and worry about finding something you cannot find it, then it eventually turn up when your not expecting it! Be sure to look back where you last saw your item at.
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